Buena Vista Cafe


Buena Vista is a Cuban rum and tapas bar, also specialising in world class live music shows.

Our approach to food is the same as in Cuba: tasty, made with love and passion, but uncomplicated - exemplified by the Cuban national dish of Ropa Vieja, simmered beef with onion and spices, accompanied by rice and beans.

Rum is honoured as the true spirit of dance, joy, and good times, and find its way even into a few desserts (ever tried a rum custard?) Rumclubs, held monthly, offer a great introduction to the spirit in all its manifestations as well as offering a chance for newcomers to try their hand at classic cocktails.

As well as rumclubs, we occasionally offer up our kitchen to guest supperclubs, but only on very special occasions.


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Website: www.buenavistacafe.co.uk

Email: info@buenavistacafe.co.uk

Facebook: Facebook page


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