Hello! We’re Romi and Mark, the chefs and hosts behind Chacho the Buenos Aires Rib Club.


We've finished our spring 2014 run of supper clubs in our little front room, but you can find info on our new events for August & September right here:


We hope to see you soon!


In the meantime, here's our original story....


Our friends are to blame for this: they all came for family lunch at Romi's parents' when we got hitched in Buenos Aires and told us we had to create this food, this whole atmosphere, back in London. So we followed their advice and here you have it!


We’re all about “asado”, a grill based sharing feast for family & friends: it’s cooking over fire and iron, lots of different flavours, ideal for sharing, a mix of indigenous and immigrant influences. Imagine the grill as an altar – that’s the level of devotion to asado in BA!


And at the core of any asado are the ribs, slow cooked and enjoyed with cool & powerful salsas that bring out the deep flavour of the meat. After months of effort we finally figured out how to cook them in our flat with a result any “parrillero” would be proud of. You’ll just need to try them to find out :)


We really look forward to welcoming you soon.  Until then, ciao pollo xxx

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by Chacho

## Hello! We're Romi and Mark, the chefs and hosts behind Chacho, the Buenos
Aires Rib Club. It's our grill-based front-room sharing-feast NW1 Supper

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Incredible Authentic Argentinian Food!

Rating: 10

hannisw attended Chacho Buenos Aires Rib Club in June 2014, reviewed on 2 July 2014

Chacho Rib Club was absolutely fantastic! We went as a group and had a great time, the food was incredible and authentic, and the atmosphere was relaxed and chilled: Mark and Romi make excellent hosts! They introduced us to all sorts of traditional Argentinian food that we had not experienced before. Clearly a lot of time and effort had gone into preparing the food and it was well worth it, everything was perfect. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone and everyone and will definitely be looking forward to stuffing our faces with awesome Argentinian food again soon! Thanks a lot!

Fantastic food, great hosts

Rating: 10

Emily B attended Chacho Buenos Aires Rib Club in June 2014, reviewed on 2 July 2014

Our hosts Mark and Romi provided a really lovely atmosphere for our supper club – it was exciting to see a table cloth signed by former attendees stating how amazing the food was – certainly a lot to live up to! We began with a choice of 2 cocktails, the gin and tonic was a deliciously different Argentinian version of the classic. The ‘three’ course meal (they certainly were not stingy on the amount of food!) began with homemade chorizo and chimichurri ciabattas – the chorizo was soft and delicious not at all like the familiar Spanish version. We also had corn and mushrooms and salty melted cheese to have with bread – all amazing flavours. The next course was a board of meat brought round, more chorizo and some black pudding which was very tasty (I am not normally a black pudding fan). There were some interesting salads, and fantastically cooked sweet potato chips – so crispy, and so many more than we could eat! The ribs were unreal, I haven’t eaten meat like them before – slow cooked and tender and so flavourful. Amazing. Everyone should have the chance to try them! Pudding (light churros and berry ice cream) was the perfect end.
The food was all perfectly cooked, and so flavourful, with homemade relishes to accompany each dish. Each course was well timed, and our hosts looked after all our needs. Mark and Romi were really friendly and it was great to hear about how they got started and plans for the future.

Highly recommended

Rating: 10

btiw attended Chacho Buenos Aires Rib Club in June 2014, reviewed on 16 June 2014

Amazing food! And there's plenty of it. Brilliant hosts - super friendly and knowledgeable. Very relaxed atmosphere. Small group of people, which gives plenty of time and opportunity to make new friends.

One of the best meals I have ever eaten

Rating: 10

Lauren attended Chacho Buenos Aires Rib Club in March 2014, reviewed on 6 June 2014

Title says it all really - full flavoured food cooked to perfection. The ribs melted in our mouths. It was excellent the way we were just brought food, no bother faffing around with menus and selections - it meant we all tried new dishes and had a true experience.

Was amazing - the Buenos Aires Rib Club has my full support and very best of luck for a future I know will be successful.

Fantastic food and wonderful company!!

Rating: 10

lianuski attended Chacho Buenos Aires Rib Club in May 2014, reviewed on 12 May 2014

Booked this for me and my boyfriend not really knowing what to expect but we were both completely blown away by the every single course. The food just kept coming. The cocktail with fernet was both original and delicious and great to start the evening with. I have lived in Argentina in the past and the ribs/tira de asado was cooked to perfection. I had several helpings on everything. Thank you so much for being such great hosts!!

Absolutely amazing

Rating: 10

julietsinger attended Chacho Buenos Aires Rib Club in April 2014, reviewed on 12 May 2014

My husband an I went, met a whole bunch of lovely Australians, but most importantly had the most delicious meal. Delightful hosts and accomplished cooks Romi and Mark will give you an experience you will not forget.


Rating: 10

Ruth attended Chacho Buenos Aires Rib Club in April 2014, reviewed on 28 April 2014

The food was out of this world - the 72 hour slow cooked ribs was sublime! Perfectly hosted, very relaxed, would thoroughly recommend - as would the party of friends I was with.

One of the best meals I've had in London!!


Rating: 10

Melissa attended Chacho Buenos Aires Rib Club in April 2014, reviewed on 12 April 2014

What a fabulous Friday night! The hosts were so friendly and the food was outstanding! They were both so knowledgeable about each dish and told us how they made it. The Ribs, Chorizo Sliders, and the hand made triple cooked chips were a definite highlight. Loved it and highly recommend going!


Rating: 10

martin yong attended Chacho Buenos Aires Rib Club in April 2014, reviewed on 8 April 2014

Great handmade food in an intimate surrounding.
Not what I thought Argentine food would be like, but definitely impressed and am looking forward to finding out more!!!

Mark and Romi, THANKS!!!

Rib club

Rating: 10

Elaine Shirt attended Chacho Buenos Aires Rib Club in March 2014, reviewed on 23 March 2014

We were amazed by the quality and originality of food. The ribs were a particular highlight overall. Great value too!

Our hosts were also extremely knowledgeable, friendly and hospitable

The combination of these factors made for a great evening. We would definitely recommend it.