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Rating: 2.4

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For one Sunday only, Spitalfields-based Asian cafe Momowich and popular Malaysian supperclub Wild Serai are teaming up to bring you the kind of Singapore / Malaysian pop up hawker brunch they love and miss from back home.

Come feast on our homesick-curing dishes such as:

Nasi Lemak - Fragrant coconut rice served with an assort of savoury accompaniments of the day
Mee Siam - Fried rice noodles in a sweet-sour-spicy gravy
Satay - Grilled meat skewers served with peanut sauce on the side
Kaya toast - Toast served with a fragrant, velvety, egg-coconut jam

Chendol - Refreshing shaved ice dessert laced with brown sugar syrup and coconut milk
Goreng Pisang - Battered and deep fried bananas!

Ice lemon tea
Ipoh coffee
Teh tarik - Old school Indian-style tea-chino!
Soya bean milk

Only fresh halal meat used.



Each customer can buy more than 1 ticket, but is limited to using 1 ticket per food order per customer.

This pop up runs from noon till 4pm. In true hawker centre style, DROP IN ANYTIME!

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Rating: 4

Ginette attended in July 2012, reviewed on 18 July 2012

Horrendous queue, terrible service but food was very very good.... almost authentic!


Rating: 1

meerkats attended in July 2012, reviewed on 16 July 2012

I will just copy paste from emails I have already sent in:

I was very excited when I learnt of this event, and was looking forward to a tasty and leisurely Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately that was not how it turned out. For a 'brunch' pop I expected semi-fast food, but queued for almost 2 hours. The worst thing is that the staff didn't even acknowledge how long we've been waiting. It looked like there were 2 queues forming in both directions from the counter, which no one tried to form into one. Some people were entering from the other side and getting food and a seat almost immediately.

There was a menu on the door and one on the chalkboard behind the counter, neither of which corresponded to what was on offer for the day. Due to equipment malfunctioning, rice and noodles ran out, and no one was really told about waiting times, just lots of hustle and bustle trying to avoid eye contact. There seemed to be no system at the till either, with confusion as to who had paid, how much the Edible Experience vouchers would take off the bill etc.

The food itself was good, but I have to say I couldn't appreciate it as I wanted after a frustrating 2 hour wait. Sadly we won't be returning anytime soon. Also, I was amazed by how calm the customers were, now I see we were all just dealing with our frustration by composing what we would write back here.

Opportunity Cost

Rating: 3

Benjamin attended in January 2012, reviewed on 16 July 2012

The one word I would describe yesterday's experience is "frustration".

Lunchtime peak hour, food smelled fantastic, super hungry, but had to endure 1:45 hrs of standing in a queue that did not move. This resulted in a lot of agitation as we were getting hungrier by the minute, smelling the food, watching lots of people jump queue, food kept running out, and watching the total lack of any organisation or system by the counter staff.

I was tempted to jump behind the counter - slap the staff - and show them how to take orders. Counter staff were simply taking orders from the people that crowded around them and screamed the loudest - encouraging people to jump queue and frustrating everyone that was in the queue. The shop was crammed with people waiting for orders which added to the mayhem. We considered leaving but had prepaid vouchers and were not sure if we'd get our money back.

The food (when we finally got it) however was tasty. Nasi Lemak was authentic, the sambal flavoursome, although the ikan bilis were slightly undercooked. The satay was nicely marinated although a bit chewy.

We were so looking forward to a yummy Malaysian/Singaporean treat, but were instead left terribly disappointed that we wasted a beautiful Sunday afternoon which we had planned to spend exploring Shoreditch but was unable to.

Pop up had so much potential, but failed in it's execution. I'd like to see it become successful so hopefully the organisers will take some lessons learned to improve in future.

Waste of time

Rating: 1

foodlogs attended in July 2012, reviewed on 16 July 2012

For an event promoted so positively, it was a hugely disappointing experience. Terrible experience waiting in line for over 2 hours for cold food which were not consistently dished out for a group of us. For a cafe of this size, the crowd was not huge and should have been easily managed by a simple system and organization in place for someone to take orders from those with vouchers, without vouchers and for the few ladies behind the counter to work through the orders systematically. Particularly when over half the people had vouchers bought in advance.

It was chaos behind the counter - clearly orders were confused and were not completed in the right order and turn over was rubbish as everyone waited 1.5 hours to get to the counter and another 1/2 hour to get food that was seemingly 'take away' standard dished out from behind the counter.

Awful experience and badly done!

Q Sunday Qs!

Rating: 2

foodwanderlust attended in July 2012, reviewed on 16 July 2012

Authentic food although was cold and soggy by the time we had got the food after waiting in line for over 1.5 hours.

Organization disaster - there were enough people behind the counter but no system in place to take orders and fulfil them. Particularly for people who already have vouchers, it didn't make sense at all that it took longer to get food as there should have at least been a list of confirmed numbers who can get their food earlier.

Awful experience on a beautiful sunny Sunday wasted waiting in line.

What an Experience

Rating: 2

AdrianC attended in July 2012, reviewed on 16 July 2012

Lets start with the positive - The food was authentic Malaysian (and that is the reason the rating was 2 not 1)

Bad points:
The whole experience was a nightmare from the moment we arrive at 1.15pm to the point our order was taken (2.30pm) to the point we left the shop (3.00pm). We waited for ages in the queue and messages were pass on from inside the shop that we will have to wait about 30 mins for our turn...which was fine but after an hour we will still in the queue but this time we were inside the shop. What we found out was a shock....people were coming in from the entrance and going straight to the cash till and ordering their food and paying for it and getting sitted (totally ignoring the queue). We made some comments to the gals behind the counter but was totally ignored because they were busy running around like headless chickens.
Anyway, because we had so much time in our hands, we basically observe the whole operation which to be honest was chaotic. Some people were getting served with half an egg and some were getting whole eggs. The serving portions were also not standardised. The other thing was the drinks fridge was not manned so 'guest' were helping themselves with drinks like it was their own home. Shockingly some young gals/guys were stuffing their bags with kaya which I assume they were not planning to pay for. I stood there for 1 hour watching all that unfold which was shocking to say the least.
Will I try another pop-up by Momowich? What do you think?

Nasi lemak was great but the wait was abysmal.

Rating: 4

london eatz attended in July 2012, reviewed on 16 July 2012

The Nasi Lemak was very satisfying

The Mee Siam was tasteless and there was major quality control issues as in our group of 10 this dish looked different for half the group.

Beef satay had flavour but was dismal to eat as it was chewy and the portions tiny.

The  Chendol was unrecognizable.

The iced lemon tea good.

The service was abysmal with the ladies not taking orders in the correct order. And some not knowing what the dishes were.

And the 1.5 hr wait standing in a queue was ridiculous.

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