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Rating: 9.0

hosted by Lisa's Jamaican Kitchen

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I am thrilled to be part of this Action Against Hunger campaign. Come and enjoy an evening of authentic Jamaican dining, featuring a range of Jamaican dishes that are typical of many Jamaican celebration. from coming to this event you will be contributing toward a worthy cause as the profits will go toward helping to feed hundreds of people through Action Against Hunger 2012.

This event will feature the following menu.

-Ackee and saltfish with Jamaican bread
-Prawn fritters

-Jamaican Curried chicken
-Jerk pork  with pineapple salad
-Escovitch fish (fried sea brim served under a bed of onions, carrots and bell peppers which have been pickled in Jamaican cane vinegar)
-Pumpkin rice (Thai Jasmine rice cooked in a rich pumpkin concoction of freshly squeezed coconut milk and a selection of Jamaican herbs and spices)
Fried plantain
Lime and Ginger aid ( a firm favourite of past supperclubs)
-Hominy brûlée (dried cracked corn cooked in a sweet coconut milk to a soft melt in your mouth consistency, topped with burnt brown sugar)

-Banana fritters ( a very delicious Jamaican sweet treat of fresh riped bananas and spices mixed with flour and fried into a delicious sticky ball)

-Reggae hot chocolate

Although this is not a typical vegetarian menu, some dishes can be tailored to suit vegetarians. Please contact me if you have any special requests.

You can bring your own bottle of anything you like to drink.

Please note

You will need to pay an upfront deposit to confirm your booking. This deposit covers the food costs. The remainder of the event price is a suggested minimum donation to Action Against Hunger to be given in cash at the event and is the minimum amount but your generosity toward this worthy cause would be greatly appreciated so please donate generously.

Guests who attend at least 3 Supperheroes supperclubs during the campaign will be entered into a prize draw for a fabulous foodie experience. Stand a chance to win any of these wonderful prizes:

A Delicious Hamper of Unearthed goodies

A 3-hour Asian Cookery Masterclass for 2 at School of Wok, Covent Garden

“Sausage-Wrangling” Course for 2 at The Butchery Ltd. Learn how to make your own sausages and find out why they taste so good!

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Loving Lisa's cooking

Rating: 9

YKW attended in September 2012, reviewed on 30 September 2012

The smell of fish, rice and fragnant spices caught us in the corridor as we walked towards Lisa's door. We knew we were up for a treat. Especially since two of the other guest then confessed to being second-timers. Score!
Lisa doesn't do anything by half, and no one was going to go hungry that night. We were started off with a delicious lime ginger drink, which bit the palate with its refreshing pungency, and to which white rum was optionally added by simply passing the bottle around.
The food then started coming thick and fast - bowlfuls of ackee and saltfish, with home fried breadfruit chips, the slight sweetness and starchiness of the breadfruit cutting through the saltiness and making this a very morish "starter".
Next, came prawn and saltfish fritters, which were more like fried dumplings to me, the batter delicious and crisp, and not too oily.
There were 3 mains. Yes, 3, because one is just not satisfactory. A large dish containing fried seabream, its skin browned crisp and enticing, served with a chilli vinaigrette that packed not a punch, but certainly a light smack, and pumpkin rice. The fish was soft, flaky and satisfying and the skin, as predicted, coveted by all.
Second main was a chicken curry, cooked Jamaican style with carrots and spaetzle - boiled dumplings that slightly soak whatever sauce they're sitting in and move a dish from 'oh, ok' to 'oh, ok!!!'.
Finally, and to me - and several others - the highlight of the meal, jerk pork. Now this wasn't just casually grilled or roasted. No. Its brilliance i think was that it was apparently first pressure cooked. There was no question about tenderness, this meat was melt-in-the-mouth goo-ooo-ood. The pork was good enough by itself, but the awesomeness was taken to the next level by a sauce that combined jerkness, bbqness and spice so perfectly, it must to be bottled and sold post-haste. And to give it all a final push toward heavenly, it was also served with a cucumber and mango tangy salad, cutting through any fattiness and heaviness that is inevitable with good pork belly.
Satiated and slightly self-loathing, we all sat around moaning as we were informed there were 3 desserts to come...
There was a hominy corn and coconut milk creme brule, with a brittle sugary shell-like topping and starchy pearls of joy inside, all nutmegy and warm. Banana fritters which i've never had before and fell in love with - the batter was not the usual heavy doughnut type, there was something wholemeal and malty about it that really made it special.
Here too there was a highlight - a hot chocolate drink made with raw chocolate which rocked all our worlds, served with a optional splash of flavoured baileys. I opted for banana, as my brain still savoured the fond taste memory of the fritters, and i was not sorry. There's nothing i could say here that would adequately convey the experience, you simply need to try it.
Getting home was not easy, but the love and care with which Lisa prepares her food, her attention to every aspect of each dish and her generosity reverberated within us and carried us there.

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