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Black Hand Food creates dry cured hams and salamis from UK pork in Hackney Wick. Whole animal butchery is the name of the game here as we use the entire carcass for consumption. We use the best pork we can from sustainable farms who have a genuine interest in the well being of their animals. 

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by Black Hand Food

This event is aimed at those who are interested in pushing their interest in
cooking a little further into the world of butchering and preservation of a
whole pig. The session will start with an... Read more

by Black Hand Food

In this course we'll be learning how you can butcher a whole pig. We will
start with a half carcass, cut it down into some fresh cuts and some which
we'll cure on the day and finish at home. We will... Read more

by Black Hand Food

Come and learn how to make your own bacon and sausages with us! We'll take you
through the theory of making bangers, salami and mortadella. Then you can get
stuck into making your own fresh chorizo.... Read more




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Fantastic Experience!

Rating: 10

Hen Corner attended Basic Butchery and Charcuterie in June 2016, reviewed on 8 June 2016

We had the best time at Black Hand Food this weekend, arriving to find half a pig on the table, along with a selection of knives, demonstrated how hands-on this would be.
After Hugo's introduction, the knives were handed over and we got to work. We cut the pig into manageable size sections whilst Hugo explained the different cuts available, both the well known leg, shoulder and belly and the lesser known collar and cheek.
After we removed significant bones to make butchery easier, we progressed to curing. Hugo demonstrated a dry cure technique that we applied to 3 large pieces of meat each to make bacon and explained the process of air drying cured meat both as whole joints and as salami sausages.
Once all the meat was prepared, we washed our hands, hung up our aprons and enjoyed a selection of delicious Black Hand Food products washed down with a cool beer.
As a guest, I came home with more meat than I could carry and am looking forward to my handmade bacon, salami, collar and lardo.
Thanks Hugo, I had a great time!
Sara Ward


Rating: 10

lclayton attended Basic Charcuterie and Butchery in December 2014, reviewed on 24 January 2015

what a great day., Hugo is such a nice guy and full of useful information. he let the three of us loose on a half Gloucester Spot, which we started to joint up, even complimenting us on our novice knife skills. Word of advice - don't arrive hungry, you'll need a lot of energy and bring a strong bag. I left with about 8 kilos of pork and enough bacon to feed a football team.
The salami arrived this week, wow! loads of it and very tasty.
Would recommend this anyone looking for a great experience, it's not often you get to tackle meat on this scale - well done Hugo.

blackhand charcuterie

Rating: 10

lucy_brown1 attended Basic Charcuterie and Butchery in January 2015, reviewed on 12 January 2015

bLACKHANd charcuterie course
This Christmas brought me an amazing gift, a charcuterie and butchery course with Hugo from BlackHand down in Hackney Wick.

Hugo a former chef is championing British charcuterie and is spreading the word through his courses. Recommended to me by the wonderful guys at Cannon & Cannon I spent the day with Hugo butchering a Gloucester Old Spot pig into different cuts, I now have more bacon than I know what to do with which is curing ready for a banging bacon sandwich next Sunday.

The fridge is packed with so many cuts of pork, a ham hock which we made into Dan Doherty's Baked beans on Toast - delicious slow cooked meat mixed with tomatoey beans and sprinkled with cheese right at the end for a delicious twist on the traditional comfort food.

Sawing, sliced and cleavered we successfully butchered the biggest pork steak I’ve ever seen called the ‘Cowboy Steak’ still not sure what to do with that.

After separating the fat from the meat we minced with the curing salts and seasoning and stuffed into our salami casings (you don’t want to know where the casing comes from), twisted and tied up into perfectly shaped salamis and hung in Hugos drying room for the next month. Can’t wait to try it and hopefully get it on the menu at Jar Kitchen.

You can see images on our Facebook page, just follow the link


Rating: 10

ANaylor attended Basic Charcuterie and Butchery in October 2014, reviewed on 5 October 2014

This was such a fantastic and enlightening experience. Hugo is a natural teacher and made sure the afternoon was a combination of hard facts (who knew that Nitrate played such a crucial part in the curing process), hands on butchery and freeform sausage making with all the gorgeous muckiness of mixing stuff by hand. Breaking half a pig down into interesting cuts, some familiar and some totally new (all hail the Presa), is an experience that no keen cook or food lover can fail to find enthralling. I now have a fridge full of sausages, chops along with some salamis curing nicely and am living the pork lovers dream. People, get down to Hackney Wick and spend some time with an expert.