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Beautiful macarons are all the rage these days, the light and airy meringue-like cookies adorning bakery windows around the country. If you’d like to master the art of baking perfect macarons, our course will send you straight to the top of the class.

Our hands-on, chef-led course will show you how to create the perfect mix for macarons alongside the art of colouring and best piping techniques. You’ll create different colours, then whisk your batch straight from the oven, decorate and take home your creations to impress your family and friends.

If you want to get even more creative with your macarons we can even show you how to make different shapes and characters! 


  • Baking Techniques
  • Mixing Techniques
  • Using Piping Bags



  • Delicious Multi-Coloured and Flavoured Macarons


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LOCATION: Studio 8, 6 Hornsey Street, The Islington Studios, London N78GR.

We are a 2 minutes walk from Holloway Tube station (2 stops from Kings Cross), 10 minutes walk from Highbury and Islington station and 7 minutes walk from Calendonian station.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: We will provide everything you need for the class including aprons, all ingredients and packaging if you wish to take away the dishes you have prepared.

CLASS SIZE: Our classes usually have less than 8 guests. If the class has more than 8 guests, there will be additional chefs on hand to lead the class. The maximum guests per class is 15.


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Rating: 9

kyliecooks attended in February 2015, reviewed on 16 February 2015

Our instructor, Andrew, had loads of energy and although he went a little off the described list it was much better and exactly our style! Location was easy to find and totally worth the money. Going back again for sure.

Marvellous Macarons

Rating: 4

SharonM attended in January 2015, reviewed on 19 January 2015

First let me say that the people on the course were very friendly and happy to answer questions and give help. I picked up some tips and techniques on the course, and to that extent, it was a successful two hours. However, I hope the team will take the following points as constructive criticism, and use this feedback to help them improve it for others.

My overall feeling, that I took away from the course was one of disappointment. This was because of two main reasons.

Firstly I booked this course as opposed to those run by others, because of the interesting range of flavours that it advertised on the EdibleExperiences website. - including raspberry, lime, hazelnut, cocoa macaron shells, and ginger, apricot, brandy, toffee fillings. In the event we only did plain, coloured macarons (made with almonds) and the fillings provided were just standard flavourings such as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate buttercream and a range of jams and peanut butter. I would therefore recommend that this is made clear on the website so that people are not misled.

Secondly however, and the main reason for my disappointment in the course was that it was vastly oversubscribed - around 15 people in a room that would have been more comfortable with only 8. As a result there was insufficient equipment - two sieves and 3 spatulas to share between 7 of us. As a result we had to work in groups of two and equipment had to be washed by one of the chefs so that we could take turns making the macarons. It also meant that there were queues of trays waiting to go into the ovens - we all had at least two trays, so that meant some 30 trays waiting for a space in one of only 5 ovens. The two hour course was due to finish at 4pm, but by 3.35pm I was still waiting for my first tray to go in, As it happens a second tray carrying macarons made by myself and the girl I was sharing with was the last of all to go in at about 3.50pm. By this time everyone, including the chefs who had been monitoring the trays, was focused on filling and decoration, and this tray was forgotten about and the macarons were burnt and unusable.

I left the course at 4.45pm with only 6 macarons, not the 15 or 16 I hoped. Most people on our table left with about a dozen I think.

As I say, I felt very disappointed. The chefs said that this was the largest group they had ever had - a more usual number being less than half that. Jenius Social would be wise to set a maximum number for any session so that at the very least, there is sufficient equipment to go round.

Needless to say, I probably won't be attending a course by Jenius Social again, which is a great shame because as I said, the staff were very friendly and they all worked very hard, but in the end there were just to many people on the course.

Jenius Social responded on 20 January 2015:

Hi Sharon,
It was good meeting you on Saturday and thank you for taking your time to write this review. We always appreciate feedback from our guests.

In response to your feedback

1. Too many people in the class and not enough equipment

We had 16 guests in the class on the day you came. The kitchen is designed for 24 people and although it is one of the bigger macaron class, we made sure that we had two chefs on the day.

For classes that are more than 10 people, we always ask our guests to work in pairs simply because our classes are short in duration (2 hours) and people work at different speed especially for baking classes. We found that by getting our guests to work in pairs, they are able to assist each other and keep up with the overall pace of the class.

Prior to the class, we always set up all the equipment to ensure that we have one set of equipment for each pair which includes individual hand mixers, bowl, spatula etc. We felt that we have sufficient equipment for each pair and group. The format of the class has been run as a group where sometimes, individuals have to share some equipment.

We also have 6 ovens that day with the full 12 shelves in use. While I appreciate that there is a short queue for the ovens, we felt that we had enough oven space for our guests and we have yet to come across a cookery school where each student had a dedicated oven for a group class without the need to share.

2. Insufficient macarons

We stated on the website that each student will get to take home 16 macrons. This is of course dependent on the sizes of the macarons and the wastage. We have run many macaron classes in the past and on average, our guests take home about a dozen or more, with additional mixture for them to take home to practice. This was the case on Sunday where most of our guests took more than a dozen macarons home and with additional mixture.

3. Different fillings and flavours

We agree with you that some of the fillings have been replaced with butterscotch cream, vanilla cream, different jams, chocolate etc. Our chef made the decision to change the fillings for this class on the day and yes, we should have made it clear on the day before the class started the fillings have been changed. We apologise for this and we will ensure that this is communicated up front in the future.

We are sorry that you were disappointed about the macaron class. I personally rang 7 guests today to get their feedback on the class and this includes the lady you were paired up with. On a whole, all of the guests I spoke to were happy with their class on Sunday and we received two emails the following morning after the class to thank us for the class.

Thank you so much for taking your time to write a feedback. We would love for you to give us another go and come back to a complimentary class at Jenius Social when you are next in London. Please drop me an email at and we would be happy to arrange for another class for you.

Kind regards,

Jennifer Yong
Founder - Jenius Social -

Superb Macarons!!

Rating: 10 attended in December 2014, reviewed on 29 December 2014

I am so glad that eventually decided to take this class!!
Macarons are maybe easy in theory but they need special treatment..
I had a lot of fun and the class was absolutely amazing! The stuff was very helpful and communicative and great value for money.
Thank you!!

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