Born and raised in Hong Kong, Tang aims to feed you with an array of authentic and mouth-watering dishes at her Cantonese supper club based in South East London.

No prawn crackers. No crispy duck.

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Come and join us at the first FedByTang supperclub! You will be munching in our cosy dining room which sits up to eight people. The dinner features fresh and tasty traditional Chinese home cooking,... Read more

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Come and join us for lunch at the FedByTang supperclub! You will be munching in our cosy dining room which sits up to eight people. The menu features fresh and tasty traditional Chinese home cooking,... Read more


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Come and join us for a charity dinner at the FedByTang supperclub! You will be munching in our cosy dining room which sits up to eight people. The menu features fresh and tasty traditional Chinese... Read more

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Come and celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at the FedByTang supper club this September!

Mid-Autumn festival is the day when the moon is fullest in the Lunar calendar. Traditionally family members get... Read more

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After a short break in October, FedByTang is back in action!

We are excited to introduce our new winter menu, which is partly inspired by our recent trip to Hong Kong! The menu will feature dishes... Read more

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Come and join us for the final FedByTang supperclub in 2012! We had some fantastic feedback from our guests after the Mid Autumn Festival Seafood Special in September, so we have decided to do it... Read more

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Come and join us for dinner at the FedByTang supperclub! You will be munching in our cosy dining room which sits up to eight people. The menu features fresh and tasty traditional Chinese home... Read more

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16th February is the 7th day in Chinese New Year. In Chinese tradition, it is everyone's birthday!

Come and join us for this special day at the FedByTang supperclub! The menu will feature a variety... Read more

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The local cafes in Hong Kong are called Cha Chaan Teng. They serve breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, and dinner to the busy people of Hong Kong. Some of them even stay open 24-7. You can find... Read more

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I'm hosting a supperclub at my home in Peckham, serving an eight course
dinner, featuring Cantonese comfort food as seen on Instagram @FeedTheTang

... Read more


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Peaches and Donuts: Fed by Tang Supperclub

29 Jul 12 by Peaches and Donuts

Thoroughly recommended

Rating: 10

mdengler attended Dinner At Tang's in November 2012, reviewed on 1 March 2013

Cherry's menu and presentation were excellent, and for a first-time Supper Club attendee could not have been nicer. Having had Cantonese food for two years in Hong Kong, hers was outstanding. Book her next supper club now if it's not sold out already.

Excellent allround

Rating: 10

NikolayMetchev attended Dinner At Tang's in January 2012, reviewed on 24 January 2013

This was my first supper club. I was there with 6 other newbies. We all had a great time. The food was very unique and was certainly not what you would find in any restaurant. Cherry and her friend were delightful hosts who were not only keen to serve the excellent array of Cantonese delights but also provided some very enlightening information about the cultural and historical significance of the foods we were presented with.
Overall I have to say that it was definitely a unique and wonderful experience which I would recommend wholeheartedly to everyone.

Dinner at Tang's a lovely way to spend a cold Saturday night

Rating: 10

eva_beaver attended Dinner At Tang's in January 2012, reviewed on 21 January 2013

This was my first experience of a supper club and I am converted! What a lovely way to spend an evening, so much nicer than any restaurant experience.

Not only was the food delicious the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly in Cherry's lovely home. I took along my boyfriend who had his reservations about how the evening would work and the atmosphere in a strangers house. He was concerned about being the first to arrive but we got there on time to be welcomed by the host and Cherry who served us a great cocktail with local london Gin.

We met the other guests who all arrived shortly after, as 4 groups of two made up the 8 guests it was easy to chat to everyone without anyone dominating the conversation, which made the atmosphere really nice.

So if you haven't been to a supper club before I would definately recommend Dinner at Tangs. The food was delicious and it was clear how fresh the ingredients were and how much effort and care had been put into preparing the dishes including slow cooked Pork and Aubergine which was amazing. All dishes were amazing so I wont spoil the suprise but Cherry had also adapted her menu to suit the guests preferences and the cold weather.

Thank you to Cherry for all the time and care you put into creating some lovely dishes and for entertaining us :-)

Wonderful Cantonese Cuisine

Rating: 10

Two Hungry Girls attended Dinner At Tang's in November 2012, reviewed on 25 November 2012

Cherry - I cannot tell you how I was impressed I was by your subtle, delicate and memorable menu. Every dish was precisely cooked and showed off Chinese cooking technique and flavour. My personal favourites were the stuffed chicken wings (crunchy on the inside, and that sticky & sweet sauce was FAB), the Hot & Sour Soup (reminded me of home), the braised Beef and Aubergine with Pork. It was a mixture of great home cooking and new exciting dishes with finesse. I sincerely hope to come back and try more of your delicious food! Shu x


Rating: 10

shuhan attended [Action Against Hunger] Dinner At Tang's in August 2012, reviewed on 29 August 2012


I've heard so much about cherry's wonderful cooking, and finally got to taste it for myself when I went for her Action Against Hunger supperclub, and now I fully understand why everyone has been raving about her food. The food was rich in flavour and everything was prepared with such care and simplicity. When I arrived early, expecting to see the kitchen and chef in a mess, I was instead greeted with a very calm and cheerful Cherry, all things already prepared and in order, and with a checklist and timeline to boot.

We started with a clear soup, as is traditional with a chinese homecooked meal. The soup was light and savoury with the clean flavour of pork, slightly sweetened by the papaya, and overall very refreshing and cleansing. Also helped that it's supposed to be great for the skin;) What followed was a trio of "nibbles" (substantial enough to be warranted as starters imo, so we were pretty shocked when the actual starters came..and kept coming): dumplings, stuffed chicken wings (skillfully deboned and marinated), and her famous soft-boiled soy sauce eggs topped with salmon roe, a wonderful combination of umami flavours and perfect textures.

The actual seafood starters arrived, generous portions of stirfried razor clams with black bean sauce, not cloying and gloopy like what you might find at a chinese takeaway, and instead fragrant with wok hei; and skate wing with the bite of sichuan pepper. By then we were already pretty full, but were told the mains have yet to arrive :/

When the mains arrived, I managed to find space in my stomach for her amazing amazing amazing triple-cooked mui choy pork belly. The pork belly was perfectly soft and tender and melt-in-your-mouth, yet each slice retains its perfect shape, not disintegrating into nothingness as common with long braises, because she chose to steam it instead (last stage of her 3 stages). It was rich with flavour from the sauces and the mui choy, and in fact I think the mui choy here deserves a mention as it was as much a star player, a right balance of sweet and saltiness. The prawns were also great, naturally sweet from the obvious freshness of the ingredients. Cherry and Phoebe (the front-of-house) managed to convince us all to go for the heads too, and I loved seeing the reactions on people's faces as they bravely sucked on the prawn heads (: Bitter melon was well-handled too, and its bitterness didn't overpower at all, and in fact was pretty mild and refreshing.

To be honest, I really didn't think we could go for dessert after all that. When cherry brought out the tall sundae glass filled with sweetened red beans and coconut ice cream, reminiscent of hongkong cafes, and an oh-so-flufy and light strawberry swiss roll, there was a collective groan.

Everything was superb, the food, the people, the atmosphere. Kudos to Phoebe too for being such a warm front-of-house and for making us all feel at ease. I really recommend everyone to stop whining about it being in Camberwell and get your butts off your couch and onto the train/tube/whatever it takes to get you to Cherry's house for the next supperclub. I know I've been gushing throughout this review, but I'm not just gushing for the sake of it, I really do feel that her food warrants all that I've said and growing up in Asia, having tasted her own fair share of Chinese food, I think I can quite unbiased-ly say that her food was up there with some of the best I have tasted.

(Cherry you need to find some way to squeeze in more seats!!)

Perfect Chinese fusion a la Cherry

Rating: 9

frango attended Lunch at Tang's in July 2012, reviewed on 24 July 2012

Cherry and her 'front of the house' Vibi were perfect hosts with a fantastic menu. They made us feel at home at once, offering fresh melon juice with ice/ or the south east london local gin if you pleased.
Starters were delicate and surprising, especially the light pork rib soup with papaya.
Stuffed chicken wings without bones (so much work!), and so delicious.
The highlight was definitely the , as someone at the table directly translated 'saliva chicken', or mouth-watering chicken, which both are fitting descriptions for a lovely juicy and spicy chicken dish with Szechuan influence. Beautiful, delicious chili prawns helped me turn my white tee shirt into something a bit more colourful.
Every dish was expertly presented, so cameras were clicking all the time.
I did not need any other food for the rest of the day, as helpings were so generous on the sharing platters
I have never been in the company of so many foodies at one table at the same time and enjoyed every minute of it.


Rating: 8

YKW attended Lunch at Tang's in July 2012, reviewed on 23 July 2012

Cherry's cooking is creative, dedicated and all about the little touches. The fact that lunch was served around a large dining table made the experience wholly communal, and the shared food bowls helped in that respect too! No wrestling for the last few morsels was necessary, however, as servings were plentiful.

I'm relatively ignorant of HK cuisine but judging by yesterday it seems to offer a wide fusion of Chinese, some Japansese and Western twists. I won't go into detail on the food served as someone, far more knowledgeable, has done so before me at the previous Tang event, but will mention the highlights for me:

Starter broth of papaya and pork rib was refreshing, the meat tender and fatty, cut by the sweet-sourness (no reference to generic menu items intended!) of the fruit.
Egg. Eggs are ace in general, and this one ticked so many sensory boxes i wanted to freeze time and remain suspended at that moment for much, much longer. These were soft-cooked in stock and soy i believe, cut in half, and bonito flakes and salmon roe submerged in the orange yolk. Wow.
Another highlight was the aptly named Mouth-watering chicken, cooked with sechzuan peppers and as succulant as can be.
Seabass - perfectly cooked bite-size piece, tender meat and crispy skin, with chinese chives, carrots and ginger.
I feel almost bad neglecting to mention the other items but these were the clear standout winners for me.
The food is great, the price is right (especially as it's BYO) and the company is pleasant - what more could you ask for! Oh yeah, Cherry - please move to North London?... Only kidding!

Such a fantastic treat to eat some of the best Chinese food at Cherry's!

Rating: 10

Julie attended Dinner At Tang's in January 2012, reviewed on 9 July 2012

Cherry's supperclub night was a real joy; from the wonderful host and charming assistant Phoebe, intimate setting that made it feel like a dinner with friends and the most amazingly delicious Chinese food I've ever had the pleasure to eat. The food was stunningly presented and we were treated to a real feast of food to share.

My favourites were the soft cooked eggs with salmon roe, stuffed chicken wings (what a skill), the triple(!) cooked pork belly with mustard greens and the mouth-watering chicken. Everything was so so good!

I've been to a few supperclubs now and this is way up there amongst the very best. Book the next available dates, you won't be disappointed!


Rating: 10

jman attended Dinner At Tang's in July 2012, reviewed on 8 July 2012

Yesterday evening was a feast of Chinese cooking prepared with great skill, passion and care. Whilst the food was (easily) restaurant standard, everything else felt like a dinner party with charming hosts, a group of friends and magic in the kitchen - exactly like the Hong Kong "private kitchen" movement in the 1990s. I left very well fed and thinking how lucky I am that I had booked for the next (already sold out) lunch. :-)

Superb! Brilliant!

Rating: 10

maru attended Dinner At Tang's in July 2012, reviewed on 8 July 2012

Delicious homemade Chinese food.
Perfect timing, lovely evening and some of the most tasteful dishes ever.
Truly talented cook, this is just the beginning...