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Rating: 10.0

hosted by FeedTheTang

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Come and join us for a charity dinner at the FedByTang supperclub! You will be munching in our cosy dining room which sits up to eight people. The menu features fresh and tasty traditional Chinese home cooking, with a few unique creations thrown in along the way.

Sample menu

Chinese soup and nibbles
Stir-fried clams with garlic, chilli and black bean sauce
Skate wing with Sichuan pepper
Triple cooked mui-choi pork belly
Stir-fried king prawns and Chinese chives
Bitter melon and egg
Dessert and Chinese tea
(Seafood is subject to market availability. It may be necessary to substitute some items for equally delicious alternatives!)

Please BYO. Our menu usually contains meat and shellfish, and may include dairy, nuts and wheat. Please contact us (email: FeedTheTang@gmail.com) before booking if you have any food allergies or dietary requirements.

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Rating: 10

shuhan attended in August 2012, reviewed on 29 August 2012

I've heard so much about cherry's wonderful cooking, and finally got to taste it for myself when I went for her Action Against Hunger supperclub, and now I fully understand why everyone has been raving about her food. The food was rich in flavour and everything was prepared with such care and simplicity. When I arrived early, expecting to see the kitchen and chef in a mess, I was instead greeted with a very calm and cheerful Cherry, all things already prepared and in order, and with a checklist and timeline to boot.

We started with a clear soup, as is traditional with a chinese homecooked meal. The soup was light and savoury with the clean flavour of pork, slightly sweetened by the papaya, and overall very refreshing and cleansing. Also helped that it's supposed to be great for the skin;) What followed was a trio of "nibbles" (substantial enough to be warranted as starters imo, so we were pretty shocked when the actual starters came..and kept coming): dumplings, stuffed chicken wings (skillfully deboned and marinated), and her famous soft-boiled soy sauce eggs topped with salmon roe, a wonderful combination of umami flavours and perfect textures.

The actual seafood starters arrived, generous portions of stirfried razor clams with black bean sauce, not cloying and gloopy like what you might find at a chinese takeaway, and instead fragrant with wok hei; and skate wing with the bite of sichuan pepper. By then we were already pretty full, but were told the mains have yet to arrive :/

When the mains arrived, I managed to find space in my stomach for her amazing amazing amazing triple-cooked mui choy pork belly. The pork belly was perfectly soft and tender and melt-in-your-mouth, yet each slice retains its perfect shape, not disintegrating into nothingness as common with long braises, because she chose to steam it instead (last stage of her 3 stages). It was rich with flavour from the sauces and the mui choy, and in fact I think the mui choy here deserves a mention as it was as much a star player, a right balance of sweet and saltiness. The prawns were also great, naturally sweet from the obvious freshness of the ingredients. Cherry and Phoebe (the front-of-house) managed to convince us all to go for the heads too, and I loved seeing the reactions on people's faces as they bravely sucked on the prawn heads (: Bitter melon was well-handled too, and its bitterness didn't overpower at all, and in fact was pretty mild and refreshing.

To be honest, I really didn't think we could go for dessert after all that. When cherry brought out the tall sundae glass filled with sweetened red beans and coconut ice cream, reminiscent of hongkong cafes, and an oh-so-flufy and light strawberry swiss roll, there was a collective groan.

Everything was superb, the food, the people, the atmosphere. Kudos to Phoebe too for being such a warm front-of-house and for making us all feel at ease. I really recommend everyone to stop whining about it being in Camberwell and get your butts off your couch and onto the train/tube/whatever it takes to get you to Cherry's house for the next supperclub. I know I've been gushing throughout this review, but I'm not just gushing for the sake of it, I really do feel that her food warrants all that I've said and growing up in Asia, having tasted her own fair share of Chinese food, I think I can quite unbiased-ly say that her food was up there with some of the best I have tasted.

(Cherry you need to find some way to squeeze in more seats!!)

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