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The Syrian Supper Club is a unique and simple way to raise money; by celebrating Syria through food and entertaining, a little help is sent straight to the people who need it in a country desperate for humanitarian aid.

We like food, we particularly like Syrian food and we really like Syria. Some of us lived, worked and studied in Damascus, others have a keen interest in everything middle eastern. In light of the current humanitarian crisis in the country we started raising money in July 2012 for the relief efforts in Syria. We do this through cooking and gathering people around a kitchen table. Once a month in Shepherd’s Bush the idea becomes reality; trying out recipes, cutlery, and cocktails we put on a Syrian feast for friends, friends of theirs and anyone else who wants to come. A journalist, thinker or traveller is also invited to talk a little about their experience of Syria. We discuss what is going on, we find out what people think and we raise money to help those in need, all the while eating some really great Shwander or the like. More recently the idea has been spreading; Syrian Suppers are popping up elsewhere around London and even in Wales.

Where does the money raised go?
Since July 2012, through Syrian Supper Suppers we have raised just under £5,000, every penny of which has gone to aid those in need in Syria. We provide a trusted route into Syria for funds raised in aid of the relief efforts and importantly their allocation can be monitored.

We support a range of UK registered and international charities working on the ground in Syria, such as Syria
Relief, Mosaic Syria and Médecins sans Frontières. The former two charities are run by Syrians living in the UK, and have launched a number of appeals since starting up in 2011. Please see our blog for further information:

The beauty of the Syrian Supper Club is that it is inclusive - and the more people who hold their own Syrian Supper, the more we can raise awareness and funds for aid to Syria. If you are interested in holding a Syrian Supper, we have the toolkit you need. Please get in touch we would love to hear from you, or have a look at the blog.

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Twitter: @handsupforsyria


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