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Welcome to the Thinkers Balcony, A place for meditation, ecstasy and culinary excellence.

Through a careful curation of food with thought, and thought with environment, we seek to deliver a curiously unique experience that combines the excellence of fine dinning with the intimacy and personal touch of a pop-up.

The Thinkers Balcony is a great place to meet new people as much as it is a place to share a wonderful experience with your closest friends. Our aim is to deliver you a truly inspirational experience through food, imagination and engagement with all kinds of people. Ranging through a variety of themes each of our dinners are designed to evoke the philosopher within you. We believe that the act of nutrition is not in reference only to the stomach, but to the mind, heart and Soul.

However you need not know anything about philosophy in order to enjoy an evening at The Thinkers Balcony, just an abundance of curiosity and an ounce of tongue-tingling hunger.

So take some time from your busy schedule to get back to yourself, and come join us for some absurdly pensive delights that will enchant all your senses.

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by The Thinkers Balcony

The menu for this dinner will seek to embody the notion of Eternal recurrence. An idea that has cropped up in many religious philosophies and was resurrected in the West by Fredrick Nietzsche. The... Read more




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