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India was introduced to this cuisine by the Hakka community that moved to Kolkata in the 18th century. Over the years the Indian Hakka adapted their traditional recipes to the local palate and today we can safely say that Chinese food is part of the local cuisine in Calcutta. Tangra is Calcuttas' Chinatown... a densely inhabited area near the airport filled with tiny cafes interspersed with tanneries that were open 24/7. The Lemon Chicken of Tangra is one of my favourites and I always include it in all my Indo Chinese menus. Two Tibetan items are also on the menu- Thupa and Momos. The recent Chinese immigrants to Bengal have been from Tibet and both these items are sold in different parts of the city from small stalls or food carts- the Momos are considered by many to be Nepali dumplings but really are Tibetan in origin. 



*Fried Chicken Momo- Dumplings steamed in the traditional Darjeeling Metal Matku (steamer) and then pan fried, served with sesame and red chilli chutney

VEG OPTION- Fried Mushroom and Cabbage Momo

*Steamed Beef Momo- A Tibetan style dumpling that is popular in Darjeeling, served with green chilli and fresh coriander chutney 

VEG OPTION- Tofu and Coriander Momo

*Chicken Thupa with homemade noodles- A soup that originated in Tibet...moved to Darjeeling and is now a street food favourite in Calcutta

VEG OPTION- Thupa with spring onions and mushrooms

*Lemon Chicken- Boneless chicken marinated in lemon and fried coated in a thin batter

VEG OPTION- Chilli Paneer



*Hakka Chow with Mushroom

*Green chillies Beef- Thinly sliced beef stir fried with green chillies

VEG OPTION- Asparagus with chillies

*Smoked Chilli Garlic Prawns- Dried red chillies are smoked over a flame and prawns marinated with the chillies and stir fried with garlic

VEG OPTION Capsicum with Garlic- (Red Peppers)

*Chilli Chicken with Mushroom

VEG OPTIONS- Mushroom with sesame seeds

*Baby Corn with Cashew nuts

*Manchurian Gobi- A classic tangy and spicy cauliflower dish- the roots of this dish is very much Indian and not Manchurian!


*Coconut Jelly made with Agar Agar and coconut milk

* Fruit Chaat- Fresh fruits marinated in Himalayan rock salt, lime juice and brown sugar

* Green Tea



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