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The arrival of the first Chinese emigrant to Calcutta was recorded in 1778...a Mr Yang Tai Chow who set up a sugar factory near Calcutta (the Bengali word for sugar is "chinni"...which also means Chinese!)...and when other Chinese immigrants of Hakka decent settled in the city...they brought with them their cuisine and Porcelain, or "Chinamati" as the Bengalis called it...which translates to the "Soil of China"...and of course Hakka food! Today Chinese food is probably the most popular street food in Calcutta...we are so grateful the Hakkas' decided to come and settle in our city! Tangra is the Chinatown in Calcutta... definitely worth a visit if you go to Calcutta.



*Lemon Chicken- Boneless chicken marinated in lemon and fried coated in a thin batter

VEG- Mushroom Fritters

*Chicken Thupa with homemade noodles- A soup that originated in Tibet...moved to Darjeeling and is now a street food favourite in Calcutta

VEG- Thupa with spring onions and mushrooms

*Beef Momo- A Chinese style dumpling that is popular in Darjeeling

VEG- Tofu and Coriander Momo


*American Chop Suey- A classic Calcutta noodle with mixed meat and seafood in a tangy sauce topped with fried noodles and a fried egg

VEG- Vegetarian Chop Suey

*Smoked Chilli Garlic Prawns

VEG- Chilli Garlic Paneer

*Beef with Green chillies-Thinly sliced beef stir fried with sliced green chillies

VEG- Asparagus with Chillies

*Chilli Chicken-Chicken on the bone with green peppers

VEG-Chilli Paneer

*Egg Fried Rice

*Manchurian Gobi-This dish epitomises Indian and Chinese fusion of flavours....not sure why it is called Manchurian...I guess that sounded exotically Chinese to the person who came up with the name!


*Coconut Jelly

*Fruit Chaat

Jasmine Tea

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