Sushi Queen


Seasoned industry chef Keiko Yamamoto teaches sushi, teppanyaki and other Japanese cooking classes in the comfort of her customers' homes, and at her kitchen

Keiko founded SushiQueen, and She is a professional Japanese chef, Consultant, and certified Sake sommelier.

She also runs Japanese and sushi catering for private and corporate party, and events.

She has years of working experiences in the culinary industry
as a professional Japanese cuisine chef.

She has worked in prestigious restaurants
in the London area. She started her chef carrier in Benihana,
where she gained the skills of teppanyaki cooking and Japanese cookery.

She has worked for Benihana, briefly in Matsuri restaurant, K10, Fine dining restaurants -The Colony Club, Ozu County Hall Restaurant, AAYA and Kingly club-kyashii restaurant.

Since she’s become a chef, she has cooked for celebrities in front of them at the restaurants she’s worked, such as Devon Aoki, Geri Halliwell, Oasis, Pat Kensit, Roger Moore, Super Model Karen Mulder, Chelsea footballers, Simon Jordon, Boy Zone and name a few.

Keiko has a passion for Food, love creating, cooking, eating it!, and teaching and sharing her knowledge to people how to cook delicious healthy Japanese food using traditional techniques and Modern Japanese cuisine techniques.

I am continuing to advance my experiences and skills to enhance my career,
as a Japanese chef in the sushi and Japanese cuisine fine dining industry,
I am always working as a chef that I could offer more knowledge of ongoing trends
in Sushi, Japanese cuisine, and most of all, I simply would like to offer the very best to my clients!
Like mouth watering delicious sushi for parties, and clients learning how to prepare
fine tasty sushi at home.

And I could offer substantial knowledge in Japanese cuisine and Sake, Umami, and this beautiful delicious drink.

My friendly approach to every student that I have taught is overwhelming,
I love teaching, and I could teach and guide how to make delicious sushi in a simple way,
and could show the skills that I gained from my experiences in various Japanese restaurants
to enhance perspective clients culinary skills.
All my students have enjoyed the sushi lessons.
and have a lot of confidence of gaining so much knowledge of learning the basic & substantial skills
in preparing sushi and Japanese cookery.”

Customer satisfaction is my greatest reward.

Happy sushi making and Japanese cooking!
Join me one of my Sushi cooking, or sake tasting classes.

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by Sushi Queen

Discover and Learn the secret of Sushi cookery.
Master How you easily could prepare Sushi.
In a few Hours learning from Expert Substantial skills and tricks.
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Learn how to prepare deliciou Black cod miso

If you've tried this delicious Black cod miso dish.
Do You wonder how they prepare this disn?
Not any more, and Learn ... Read more

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Hibachi cooking class - 2 Students max

Learn Teppanyaki cooking from an expert Teppanyaki chef.

Whatever type of Teppanyaki grill you have, we could help you learn the teppanyaki cooking skill. If... Read more

by Sushi Queen

Learn how to cook a range of Japanese homestyle dishes with Chef Keiko. You'll be well equipped to host your very own Japanese dinner party afterwards!

This class in conducted in 4 sessions in total... Read more

by Sushi Queen

If you're serious about sushi, this is the class for you!

This class runs over 3 consecutive Tuesdays.

Week 1 – Master sushi and how to prepare sushi rice... Read more

by Sushi Queen

Hosted by Veteran Japanese chef and instructor Keiko.

This evening we are offering 2 menus and 2 seatings at TheShopNW10.

... Read more




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