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hosted by The Bombay Kitchen

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A taste of India - a culinary journey of 3 different states

Titled “Dosti aur Khana”- in translation this simply means “Friends and Food”. Tonight's menu has been created by three Home cooks who love to share their passion and love for traditional and modern food. Each dish represents one of the states of India - Maharashtra, Kolkata and Gujarat. By combining a myriad of spices and flavours, you are in for a truly mesmerising journey. Sit back and enjoy this culinary experience ☺

#MyLondon is a series of supper clubs  in response to the Brexit vote, conceptualised by Asma Khan who runs the very successful supper club Darjeeling Express . The message is  that we all stand together here in London and to show what an amazing diversity of talent we've got here which is all due to working together.

About the three hosts:

Manjiri Chitnis Kulkarni - creator of newly launched 'The Bombay Kitchen' supper club -  

'The Bombay Kitchen is my attempt to bring the taste of authentic and homely Indian food from my urban kitchen to you.

The dishes I create reflect not just the beauty of Maharashtrian food but also the rich diversity of India. Growing up in a cultural melting pot like Mumbai city the sheer variety of spices, cuisines and traditions gave me an opportunity to embrace these influences and develop a style of my own.

I am also lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who share my passion for great food. I grew up watching my Aai-Baba (Mum and Dad in Marathi) cook elaborate meals not just for us but for a large extended family and our many loving friends. 

After moving to London a few years ago, I started sharing my recipes on my blog (travelsfortaste) and am now looking forward to sharing my love for simple but delicious home cooked Indian food with all of you. Freshly ground spices and marinades, heirloom recipes, home-made chutneys and dips and a dash of culture thrown in are my secret ingredients.

I hope to take your taste buds on a memorable journey not just to 'BOMBAY' but through India, with my food and I do hope you will join in on this adventure.

Rinku Dutt  creator of Raastawala - My romance for food is eternal but it grew stronger while I was in India and spent a few years in the city of Kolkata. As I began and ended each day in the yellow taxi, I tasted all kinds of foods, starting from street food to the cuisines cooked at the finest restaurants, and I realised that love for food is what makes people connect and happy! So Rinku Dutt, a girl born and brought up in London recognised her latent Bengali chef avatar and created Raastawala!

I am so happy I followed my heart!

After gathering all your precious compliments and love for our food that you showered at various food festivals and pop ups, our yellow Kolkata taxi, much confident and proud, is now enroute to its new destination 68 and Boston, Greek Street, Soho.

Please do drop in as we promise to make your stomach smile!

Chintal Kakaya (Gujarati born in Kenya) - creator of ChinsKitchen says 'I grew up in Mombasa Kenya where I was surrounded by a close knit community who shared the same passion for food. Growing up, my love for food has evolved and found myself to be much more adventurous with flavours and textures. Indian vegetarian food I make has an East African influence and love to share this experience with guests. Alongside food I am extremely passionate about baking with spices and specialise in cakes and bakes with a unique Indian twist.


A taste of India - a culinary journey of 3 different states

 “Dosti aur Khana” Menu


*Mini Poppadums served with a selection of chutneys

*Batata Vada served with mango relish

A popular indian snack - potato seasoned with spices and then dipped in a savoury batter and fried until golden brown, served with a refreshing and moreish mango relish with a zingy finish.

*Chevda Chaat served with date and tamarind chutney

Gujarati’s love their savoury deep fried snacks, chevda- mix of lentils, nuts, potato crisps being one of them. This savoury snack has been combined with chickpeas, potatoes, mango pomegranate, coconut and fresh coriander.

*Begun Pora

A Bengali dish of aubergine baked over an open flame resulting in a soft, smokey pulp which is tossed with red onions, corriander, chilli and mustard oil making a delicious appetizer.


Kolhapuri Mutton Curry

Known for it’s fiery spicy dishes this region of interior Maharashtra has more to it’s repertoire than just ‘misal-paav’. Marinated in warming spices, goat’s mutton is cooked in a thick gravy, best enjoyed with a comforting side of steamed basmati and some ‘koshimbir’ or a crunchy and cooling coriander raita.

Gujarati Undhiyu

A semi dry mix vegetable and fenugreek dumpling curry traditionally cooked in an earthern pot. This is a modern twist on a classic dish by adding paneer and crushed roasted peanuts.

Daab Chingri

One of the most delectable amongst Bengali curries, king prawns delicately prepared in a coconut gravy.

Masoori daal

Red split lentils tempered with mustard seeds and chillies, accompanied with fresh fragrant lemons


Chappati- freshly made unleavened bread served hot with butter

Steamed aromatic long grain Basmati Rice


Caramalised Coconut and Banana

Simple but very comforting dessert of sweet mini bananas cooked with fresh grated coconut caramalised in a cardamom flavoured sauce

Spiced White chocolate, pistachio and Lemon posset served with Nankhatai

Traditional lemon posset uplifted with roasted pistachios, green cardamom and white chocolate, served with Spiced Indian shortbread

Strawberry and chocolate Gol Guppa

Puffed crispy wheat balls, filled with strawberries and served with spiced chocolate sauce



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Great food, venue too noisy

Rating: 5

pdev attended in September 2016, reviewed on 3 September 2016

We enjoyed the food, but the venue was just too noisy, too chaotic for anyone to have a conversation without shouting. It was like being in a bar & in fact it was in a bar.

Next time, find a venue where the music is not so loud. We attended on 02-Sep-16.

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