My romance with food is eternal but it grew stronger while I was in India and spent a few years in the city of Kolkata. As I began and ended each day in the yellow taxi, I tasted all kinds of food starting from street food to authentic Bengali cuisines cooked at home. It was then i realised that love for food is what makes people connect and stay happy! So, Rinku Dutt, a girl born and brought up in London recognised her latent Bengali chef avatar and created Raastawala!

Im so happy I followed my heart!

After gathering all your precious compliments and love for our food that you showered at various festivals and pop-ups, our yellow Kolkata taxi, much confident and proud, is enroute to its new destination of serving you through Raastawala Supperclubs.

We promise to make your stomachs smile!

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Email: rinku@raastawala.com

Facebook: Facebook page

Twitter: @raastawala


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