Dim Sum Class Introductory Class (Half Day hands-on workshop) + Lunch / Dinner Afterwards!

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Rating: 5.5

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Love Dim Sum? Impress yourself and your friends by learning how to make a variety of Dim Sum in this sociable 3 hour session and get to enjoy your own hand-made Dim Sum afterwards!

This class is suitable for complete beginners!

Dim Sum Introductory Class A
In Class A you will be taught how to make the 3 Dim Sum below

Har Gow  蝦 餃 (Prawn Dumplings) (King of dumplings)

Sui Mai  燒 賣 (Open top Steamed Pork Dumplings) (Queen of dumplings)

Chiu Chow Fun Gwor  潮 州 粉 果 (Chiu Chow steamed dumplings)


Learn how to make restaurant style Dim Sum from scratch!
The class will cover all the steps - 
from making and rolling the dough, preparing and mixing the fillings, forming the dumplings and cooking them!

We will discuss different ingredients and fillings, how restaurants make dim sum, equipment, and also learn how to pronounce the different Dim Sum the proper way and order from Restaurants in Cantonese! 

Dim Sum Etiquette: what to do and what not to do, what to order and the order to order it in! 

Chinese Teas: The different Chinese teas available in restaurants, and how to find one you like

Everything that you need will be provided but if you have a favourite apron please bring it along.

COST is £35 per class and includes 3 hour workshop with a delicious meal at the end of it!

Whats included?

3 hour hands-on workshop covering everything you need to know to make Dim Sum!

Chinese tea for the thirsty Dim Sum chefs

A big Dim Sum dinner afterwards where you can enjoy your own handmade Dim Sum!

A list of recommended products that have been used in the class and are readily available in a good Chinese / Oriental supermarket

Notes and recipes sent to you afterwards via Email showing you all the recipes covered in the class

Why join us?
It will be fun! 
Join like minded learners in a relaxed sociable atmosphere

Order like a pro in a Chinese Restaurant!

Once you have mastered making Dim Sum why not throw a party and invite friends (and / or me) to admire your creations?

Having a Party? Work Team-Building Exercise?  Celebrating a Birthday?  Want something Different?
We are happy to come to your house, a venue, or workplace to run a specially tailored class. 
The most important thing is that everyone has fun. 


Join us!

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Enjoyable class

Rating: 6

spetsy attended in May 2017, reviewed on 11 May 2017

I enjoyed the class. It was the first time I had attended something like this so I really didn't have anything to compare it to. I found the instructor knowledgable and it was well planned out so every minute of the class was filled. I do agree with one review that it would have been good to learn how to make the dough from scratch for the last dumplings we assembled rather than being handed out pre-packaged dough. Everything we ate was delicious. Only disappointed that I did not receive a follow-up email with recipes, as promised.

London Cookery School responded on 16 December 2017:

The followup recipes go out automatically by email. If you do not see it in your email folder, then please check your spam folders.

This is an introductory class, making the things you did took up the full 3 hour class time, and I hope you learnt a lot of things.

There is not enough time to make the dough for the last wrapper. As was explained in class, the dough is an easy dough, similar to a pasta style dough, - egg flour, water.

The dough is easy enough to make, follow the instructions, knead the dough, and rest for 30 mins.

The hard part is rolling the dough out thin enough quickly enough.

In our early classes we got the beginners to do it all, and it was this single dough where all manner of problems occur.

If they have experience with working and rolling dough, confidently and quickly and efficiently before it dries then it is no problem. I can roll out 5 and cut pieces of dough, and make the sui mai in about 2 minutes.

Unfortunately, in a beginners introductory class, there will be some who do not have the experience. And we found they would struggle, the dough would dry up, cracking and falling apart.

Then they would have to make another batch of dough. Rest the dough for 30 mins. And then reattempt the rolling part.

Some of our classes last over 4 hours due to this, and some people eating at 11pm.

This is why we never make this dough in class anymore - with a mixed group of students it just isn't possible.

You mention yourself -

"you enjoyed the class",
"Everything we ate was delicious"
"every minute of the class was filled"

So where do we have the time to make the last dough?

And also why the low rating of 6 out of 10?

Tasty dumplings, disappointing class

Rating: 5

smoo attended in October 2016, reviewed on 9 November 2016

I've been trying to book this class for a long time, but it was always fully booked, which I took to be a good sign. However, when we got there, I felt like we were just assembling dim sum, rather than actually doing much hands on learning.

The prawns, ginger and any other important ingredients were already measured out, chopped, prepared and brought to us. All we had to do was add the odd spoon of sugar or soy, and mix.

For the last dumpling, we didn't even learn to make the pastry - the instructor handed out ready made skins from a packet, and a recipe for us to attempt at home!

The dumplings we made were delicious but I just don't feel like we learned a great deal. And on top of all that, even after we'd eaten, the class still finished nearly 45 mins early. I absolutely wouldn't recommend this class if you wanted to learn... If you wanted a fun way to pass a few hours with a tasty snack at the end, then it's fine!

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