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Growing up in Thailand with an Indian background; I cook foods from Thailand and India.  I incorporate the Asian influences with western ingredients creating dishes that are tasty, and authentic that are simple to recreate in a western kitchen.  I aspire to bringing a bit of the East into West.

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by Blue Lotus Inspirations

**About Thai Food**

The development of Thai Cuisine has been influenced by many factors over the
centuries, including contributions from countries such as India, Malaysia,
Myanmar (Burma), China,... Read more

by Blue Lotus Inspirations

**About Indian Food**

Cooking in India is regarded as an art with many recipes being unwritten,... Read more

by Blue Lotus Inspirations

* Enjoy an evening of sumptuous delights from the Far East.
* Join us on a voyage of discovery into the foods and spices of the exotic lands.
* Taste and Learn about the harmonious flavours of... Read more




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