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hosted by Stairway Kitchen in the heart of Soho,London

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Yesss, it has already passed one year since we opened StairWay Kitchen...A complimentary glass of Prosecco is the best way to start with :-)
In this year we have seen many fantastic foodie lovers, we have met new friends, we have learnt different cultures and stories, what a wonderful experience!!

In this celebration night we would like to bring you again into the Italian atmosphere with a nostalgic note as this time we lead you to our home town Goito.
June in Italy means Summer and longer days where people can spend more time out with friends chatting and of course eating together.Everybody know Italian love food!

Between June and September most villages around Italy have special fairs.Small stalls, local producer and artists gather up in the central piazza to kick off the Summer all together as an enlarged family.Our menu is inspired by one of the most important feast in Goito which happens to be on Saturday 8th June.
Some of the courses are re-invented by Stefano as he always likes to propose new scrumptious dishes, still some of them retain their traditional homey mark as our beloved CAPUNSEI.
In Goito there are 2 big feast focused on this dish but...what are CAPUNSEI?

500 years ago people couldn't afford the luxuty of throwing away the leftover from previous meals and everything would find a place in the days after dinner table,maybe in a different shape or serving a different purpose.
Tylorean emigrands in Mantua found quite an intriguing way to use stale bread and this how Capunsei gnocchi bacame a classic distinctive Mantuan dish that still goes around never losing its popularity also achieving prestigious PDO status.My mum used to make them once a week when I was child and now every time I go home for holiday the dish I usually find and "order in advance" is of course CAPUNSEI.

So, don't miss the chance to try something new on Sat 08th June @ StairWay Kitchen.Be one of the 12 foodies in our living room, you will meet other people crazy about food and why not maybe new friends.
For those who have never been to a Supper Club event or for those who need to be refreshed...make sure to come to StairWay to Heaven's Kitchen.It is: amazing food, lots of fun, more than your average restaurant serving different purpose.
Remember to bring your own beverage and as we always say...the more you bring the more you will be drinkinggggg :-)


Warm Squid with Sicilian sweet and sour Aubergine and Pine Nut

Thin pancakes stuffed with Sea Bass and Mascarpone served with a sweet Pepper sauce

Bread dumpling served in butter and sage sauce with Parmesan.

Veal thin Escallop with Parma ham and Sage seved with Asparagus and potaoe in a white wine sauce

Eaton Mess is a Stefano's reinvention of an English classic dessert with home made Meringue and English Strawberry

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