is a shop and a platform selling and promoting a collection of handpicked design 
products online and occasionally through pop-up shops. Based on the idea of organic growth, the DesignMarketo family is gradually developing and new, talented people have joined us. We started off with a range of designers operating in the East London area, and through personal encounters within our network of friends. During the years our reputation and experience has grown to include a wider range of designers, and an international clientele.

DesignMarketo emerged from the frustration of seeing so many good designs and products, made by our designer friends, being left to dust in the back of their workshops. We asked ourselves: How can we help? So we decided make them more visible, make their presence felt.
Our motto became: Emptying designers’ stock for your pleasure, and we launched our first collections (Collection 1 & Collection 2) featuring a selection of exciting objects designed by a talented bunch. 
Our third collection (The Flat Pack Le Plus Cool), introduced the work of Lars Frideen. This collection was first presented as an exhibition where people could experience the designs – the real things in an everyday life context: bookshelves were filled with books, and chairs were used for reading.
We realised that this is exactly what DesignMarketo is about: offering real life interaction with exciting objects that have stories to tell, supported by a digital platform for their promotion and distribution. 
Since then, our interest in the creative processes behind the mere existence of objects has broadened considerably. 
DesignMarketo's radar is set on experimentation and innovation to intertwine promotion, production and social events; whether it's a lemonade bar in Sofia (Lemonade For All, Sofia Design Week 2011), a dinner at the Barbican, (Spring & Sprouts, London 2011) or a friendly café in Brompton (Coffee & Friends, London Design Festival, 2010). From crowd funding, production, events — we explore the 
everyday life of objects, experimenting with food and products, design and the internet... our secret listof ingredients for a fun recipe!

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