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Love Loretta's Kitchen started in 2013 as a food blog; sharing nostalgic Caribbean cuisines made by her mother (Loretta). It received notable international acclaim from lovers of food from the island of Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana where much of her inspiration came from. The blog soon evolved into an exploration of various food fusions, combining traditional cuisines from Caribbean and African countries giving it a European twist e.g jollof cous cous, soursop gelato. 


The vibrant colours, and flavours of her food has been praised in the media by The Guardian and Evening Standard Newspaper as well as Sainsbury's who have each taken to showcase her recipes over the years.


In May 2016 LLK partnered with Fat Macy's to host a successful Supperclub to help raise funds homeless young people.


"If I could pick out and stage of the cooking process I love the most it would be the plating up: seeing what started off as a sketch or an idea suddenly come to life on a plate. I literally dance around the table!!"   


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by Love Loretta's Kitchen

The trendiest supper club has hit the centre of East London's hip heartland

"Eats & Beats" is a tribute to our love of good food, drink and live music.
The event will be hosted by Remel London... Read more




Twitter: @EBeatsLDN


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