A Taste of Suriname


I'm a self taught chef who has worked in professional kitchens in London. After a pop up in my local cafe and several pop ups at home I am ready to take my supper club at home to the next level and open up to a wider audience.

I love cooking, eating and buying food and one of the greatest joys is cooking for others and spreading the love through food.

I am going back to my roots and cooking food from my home country Suriname. Surinamese cuisine is an exciting mix of Creole, Indian, Javanese and Chinese dishes. I make everything from scratch with fresh ingredients and were possible seasonal ingredients from British farmers.

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by A Taste of Suriname

I will be cooking a few Surinamese Javanese, Creole and Chinese dishes and
baking one of my favourite cakes for dessert. Expect a lot of delicious food
so come hungry.

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Website: www.jessicavos.co.uk

Email: hello@jessicavos.co.uk

Twitter: @saucemanlondon


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