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Bruno Breillet, head pastry chef and part owner of Bruno's Bakes & Coffee, grew up in Lyon, France, a city that is blessed with produce of unequalled freshness and a reputation for being at the epicenter of French gastronomy.

Bruno draws a lot of his experience and all the techniques he knows from watching his mother and grandmother in the kitchen tirelessly, day after day, making dishes that nowadays are only being served on special occasions. “Make it fresh” was the motto and almost everything was made without following a recipe, as both mother and grandmother seemed to be living encyclopedias of cooking from the southeastern part of France and Burgundy where his grandmother is from. “I always found it fascinating that they would transform basic ingredients into something of a treat for the senses, and sure enough, I follow in the footsteps of their culinary inspiration, adding my personal touch. I focus on sweet and savory baking because I find the aromas filling the kitchen the most rewarding - baking has added magic to cooking in my opinion, or is it nostalgia, knowing that something is baking in the oven for a special occasion?”

“Weekends were days waited for with much anticipation as there was almost always a sweet tart on Saturday, and a cake, or pastries for Sunday lunch - either homemade or from the patisserie. I always marveled at the sweet creations gracing the shop windows of our city patisseries and was always spending a lot of time creating cakes in my head because I didn't have the means of having a food lab all for myself back then!” “A lot of what I do is classic French, but I like to add my own personal touch to a sweet or savoury tart by adding or pairing flavors in a way that may not be totally surprising, but certainly adds an extra depth of flavour that would not be expected at first. One layer hides another. I don't like to water down ingredients making it more acceptable to local standards as I believe that dilutes the taste and makes the product irrelevant and not worthy of its origins.”

In 2011 Bruno won a Master Chef Live/BBC Good Food Show bursary award for his salted butter caramel and his sweet pastry base. He was a judge for the semi-final of the International Chocolate Awards held in London in May 2012. Bruno was featured in the January 2013 issue of Delicious magazine and the May 2014 edition of Kent Life.

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