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Mummy I can cook is the name of the original photo album where I posted pictures of my edible attempts at cooking back in that very first semester away from Singapore, a way to assure my mum and myself I was surviving. It's evolved into a blog, and my burnt rice adventures has evolved into well, this.


Good fun and good food, made with seasonal local produce, perhaps with a squirt or two of shit-hot sambal thrown in.

There will be no pretense and fancy matching plates, just good tongue-burning, finger-licking times. Things may or may not be textbook-authentic, but I can't think of anything more real to the spirit of 'agak agak' than bringing together the best ingredients one can get hold of, with the best flavours one can whip together from the bottles and jars of fish sauce and fermented shrimp paste on her shelves. 


Basically, it will be good. JUST BOOK ALREADY!!



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by Mummy I can cook

I've teamed up with the pair from Barry's Hug to host the last BBQ before the
sun says goodbye.

One half is Sean, expert forager and gardener. 3/4 of the year, he also works
as a chef, currently at... Read more

by Mummy I can cook

After years of doing supperclubs and popup events at night, and going home in
the wee hours of the day to a dirty kitchen, I thought it would be fun to
start a brunch club. Brunch back home isn't... Read more




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Incredible homemade Asian feast with local produce!

Rating: 10 attended Chopsticks Brunch Club (Oct) in October 2016, reviewed on 26 October 2016

Absolutely delicious food all made by Shu Han in her kitchen using recipes from her recently launched book: Chicken and Rice, using local and seasonal produce too! You will have more food than you can eat, plus amazing company with new foodie friends. Can't wait until the next one. Thank you!