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hosted by Funky Feast

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Come and see Funky Feast chef, Eric Allangba, create an exquisite seven course dinner inspired by the famous HBO series of Game of Thrones, based on George RR Martin's saga of "Songs of Ice & Fire". Whether you are fun of the books, the show, or both, or are neither, and maybe you are just a little curious to see what all the fuss is about, or are simply into good food — do give in to the temptation. The journey will be most exhilarating. We will tease your tastebuds with food that is immersed in the diverse culinary history that inspired the food aspect of the books, we will put our spin on the dishes and keep up the edge you have come to expect from Funky Feast, we will take you through Westeros and beyond… So,expect some comfort food from the Kingdom of the North, posh lunch of pigeon pie coming from King’s Landing, or our funky twist on the Jeor Mormont’s spiced wine, to name just a few stops on your journey through the Seven Kingdoms and beyond. We promise that by the end of the feast you will be hooked.

Come, you know you want to...


House Stark (Winterfell)

Let us begin with a heart-warming breakfast at Winterfell, you sweet Summer child….

Duck egg, blackberry chutney, oat pancake

II. House Lannister (Casterly Rock)

Light starter of mushroom & snail soup with the Lannisters

Cream of Mushroom and Snail Soup

III. Kings Landing

A quick break from the Small Council Meeting at Kings Landing - posh lunch of Pigeon Pie

Pigeon Pie, cabbage, game liver

IV. The Wall

Time for a Funky Twist on the Old Bear's Spiced Wine

Mulled wine spiced granite and poached pear

V. House Tully (Riverrun)

An exciting feast of fish at the Kingdom of The Isles & Rivers

Salmon, hake, sauerkraut, beurre blanc

VI. House Martell (Dorne)

A well deserved stop at the sunny Sunspear for a sumptuous supper of lamb shoulder with a hint of Dornish wine…

Confit lamb shoulder, saffron bulgur, date & Dornish wine juis.

VII. House Targaryen Ancient Valyrian dessert of Dragon Fruit

House Funky Feast send their regards……


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