Wonderland pop up restaurant


After the fantastic success of our Wonderland supper club, Dani is back to surprise us with a fantastic new menu.

Dani is a creative chef with 18 years of experience in high end London restaurants. He sources fresh, seasonal and, if possible, organic ingredients to create his highly creative dishes.

This is about a whole new fun dining experience, never done before and full of twists! For example, you may just find that the Queen has decided that you have to paint the roses on your dessert red... 


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by Wonderland pop up restaurant

**Eat me... Drink me... Come down the rabbit hole and let the magic unfold. BYOB!**

The Mad Hatters come to Wonderland to entertain you with a four course meal
full of twists! Expect fresh,... Read more


Email: info@wonderlandceramics.com


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