Casa Ali ~ love & more love


Casa Ali ~ love & more love
British by chance, Pakistani by migration and Indian by birth, I am an artist, a passionate cook and a keen gardener growing my own veg and herbs. My art practice includes film, live art, photography, digital technologies and food.I have cooked with some groovy chefs in Italy, London, Melbourne, Chicago and Singapore. My journeys and cultural displacement allow me to locate commonalities and differences by creating projects/events that connect and welcome.

Having hosted several food gatherings that developed from instagram (@sharefood4ever) postings, I am stepping up and starting a supper club Casa Ali ~ Love and more love. Why the name? well food has to be cooked with love and my cooking comes from the heart! Be prepared to dine at my home with an interesting mix of people, unusual combinations and finger licking goodness.

'Cooking from the heart' is the closest I can describe my cooking. Why my cooking does not fit the usual "authentic" Indian, or Pakistani or English cuisine? There is no particular answer that satisfies my curiosity apart from thinking that of course it is authentic. Every time I cook something new, my experiences authenticate what I cook.

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by Casa Ali ~ love & more love

Casa Ali ~ love & more love - a London supper club launches this month. Within this season of festivities, Casa Ali offers LOVE… of food and people. Dine with a difference… a six course vegetarian... Read more




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