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Fancy a new dining experience? Pop Up Dining Club host new, exciting and unique brands looking to build their profile in a special setting.

Come and taste unusual cuisines you may never have tried before, food with a twist or a menu to celebrate a cultural occasion in a one-night-only pop up restaurant. The cook will put on a show in front you, explain your meals and talk you through their menu.

Join in the quizzes, karaoke or basketball hoop challenges to win prizes for your table.


We look forward to welcoming you.

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by Pop Up Dining Club

To celebrate Korean New Year (설날), Busan BBQ are hosting their first ever pop
up at Tooting Market on **Saturday 1st February 2014**.

There'll be games, a Korean bar, live music and the amazing DJ... Read more

by Pop Up Dining Club

We at _Pop Up Dining Club_ are delighted to host the exciting **United Ramen**
at **Tooting Market **on **Saturday 8th March**.

**United Ramen** are obsessed with the history of and cultural... Read more

by Pop Up Dining Club

_Pop Up Dining Clu_b are back again to help you beat the winter blues by
bringing you 'Sunshine food to make you smile' by the wonderful **Yummy Choo

Yummy Choo Eats run the popular... Read more


Email: popupdiningclub@gmail.com

Twitter: @popupdiningclub


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