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Kerstin Rodgers, aka MsMarmitelover, a pioneer of the supperclub scene in London, does meals, workshops and pop up markets from her Kilburn home. She is also the author of Supper Club, which documents how she created the supper club/underground restaurant/pop up/ paladare movement. Her latest book is called MsMarmitelover's Secret Tea Party

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by The Underground Restaurant

With Chef Linn Soderstrom.

Check out last years:
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by The Underground Restaurant

It's spring and the marmalade making season has finished. Lets celebrate
Paddington's favourite ingredient by using it in baking.

MsMarmitelover's tea parties don't just have sweet things but also... Read more

by The Underground Restaurant

To celebrate the forthcoming release of my book V is for Vegan, a vegan supper
... Read more

by The Underground Restaurant

Ms Zia Mays will be talking about growing herbs and micro leaves.

Plus there will be a super sunday lunch cooked by myself and Swedish chef Linn
Soderstrom with a Swedish twist.
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by The Underground Restaurant

Along with Stockholm supper club hostess and chef Linn Soderstrom, we will be
cooking a traditional Swedish midsummer's eve dinner: lots of cured herring
and whipped strawberry cream cake.

If the... Read more

by The Underground Restaurant

Dennis Severs' house is an 18th century house at 18 Folgate Street in
Spitalfields, London. The house is without electricity, as if the silk weaving
family of Huguenots were still living there.

My... Read more

by The Underground Restaurant

Come to one of our most popular workshops and supper clubs: edible flowers!
Zia Mays will teach you which flowers you can eat. MsMarmitelover will concoct
a delicious meal using flowers from her... Read more

by The Underground Restaurant

Workshop and supper club run by msmarmitelover and Zia Mays of the secret
garden club.

Zia will teach you how to grow ginger, garlic, lemon grass, fennel seeds,
turmeric, kaffir lime, curry leaves... Read more

by The Underground Restaurant

Following on from her best selling book V is for Vegan, MsMarmitelover tells
you how to make tofu from scratch.

We will learn to make a couple of delicious tofu dishes as well
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by The Underground Restaurant

with guest chef Stockholm supper club hostess Linn Soderstrom.

Have a traditional Julbord at msmarmitelover's supper club on new years eve.

BYO or order from the amazing selection of champagnes and... Read more

by The Underground Restaurant

How to make tofu workshop with msmarmitelover author of the best selling v is
for Vegan.

Her signed books are available to buy.
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by The Underground Restaurant

Apparently Kim's mum has written a cookbook. This supper klub night is to
celebrate the unique talents of the Kardashian/Jenner/West klan. Dress up,
break the internet and feast on Armenian... Read more

by The Underground Restaurant

A meal based on sugar shack menus for the maple syrup season in Canada.

Expect pea soup, smoked salmon, poutine, sugar pie, butter tarts, pouding
chomeur and all kinds of wonderful Canadian... Read more

by The Underground Restaurant

As a lone mum with an only child, a daughter, we felt like The Gilmore Girls
TV series (currently available to watch on Netflix) was all about us.
Seriously, it felt like Amy Sherman-Palladino had... Read more

by The Underground Restaurant

Again Swedish chef Linn Soderstrom and I are getting together for the third
year running to do our annual Swedish midsummer night's feast.

These are always popular so book early.
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by The Underground Restaurant

Lets celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a pescetarian/vegetarian/vegan tacos and
tequila night at MsMarmitelover's Underground restaurant.

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by The Underground Restaurant

Professor Tim Spector wrote The Diet Myth, an interesting book on how the
microbiomes in our gut affect our health: variety of ingredients is key.

Together we are working on a **Menu of 100... Read more

by The Underground Restaurant

In conjunction with Dan Toombs, author of the best selling The Curry Guy book,
we are creating a curry house supper club. This meal will be pescetarian and

Dan is one of the most... Read more

by The Underground Restaurant

Sofia Olins has spent the last 12 years making a documentary on Roy Gurvitz,
founder of the 'Lost Vagueness' field at Glastonbury Festival. MsMarmitelover
is hosting the London outdoor premiere of... Read more




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Rating: 8

jonbromwich attended Sugar shack meal in February 2017, reviewed on 19 February 2017

Our first Ms Marmite meal and it was everything we had hoped and expected it to be: a new food experience, a culinary education, a social event and really good fun! We were surrounded by Canadians who assured us that the food was authentic. Maple syrup with everything. We'll be back for the next one. It's going to be Mexican...

amazing all-round

Rating: 10

tslack attended Afternoon Tea at Dennis Severs' House in August 2015, reviewed on 16 August 2015

Incredibly good all-round. Delightful setting, scrumptious food, lovely servers and superb tea. Worth a trip from Manchester! Dear Ms Marmite-lover we bought YOUR book - your personal copy by mistake. We will happily return it if you email.

Many,many thanks.

Pure Georgian Fabulousness

Rating: 10

PeckishInPeckham attended Afternoon Tea at Dennis Severs' House in August 2015, reviewed on 15 August 2015

Wow! Actually strike that...WOW!! I had high expectations and MsMarmite knocked them into a cocked hat!! The location is atmospheric in it's own right but to be able to 'inhabit' the space for a few hours was just fabulous. Added to that the menu was inspirational and flavours, textures and delivery just out of this world. I am gushing I know but I am an experienced afternoon tea officianado and this was the best I have had. Hands down. No doubt. No debate. My partner in crime on all my crazy jaunts totally agreed. Our goodies were cooked on the day and during the event right out of the house kitchen - yes people, that means using the authentic range. It was an inspirational effort on MsMarmite's part. She is a master (mistress?) of her art. And art it is. I just loved that passion displayed by both her and her team. It was clear from the buzz in the room that my fellow adventurers too enjoyed their Georgian experience.