Dragon Castle


A family-run Cantonese and dim sum joint in the heart of SE17, we are proud to be a landmark on the glorious Walworth Road. Our philosophy towards Cantonese cooking is simple: clean, delicate flavours and none of the gloopy sauces or stodgy tastes one often finds in British-Chinese food. 

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by Dragon Castle

An interactive lecture on what the Chinese _really_ eat during Chinese New

Come and listen to our resident Chinese food expert take you through ins-and-
outs of Chinese festival catering.... Read more

by Dragon Castle

To celebrate Chinese New Year, here at Dragon Castle we are hosting Chinese
cultural events, such as Kunqu opera.

Come and enjoy live Kunqu opera recitals, complete with English subtitles.
... Read more


Website: www.dragon-castle.com

Email: info@dragoncastle.eu

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Twitter: @dragoncastle100


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