Monique Borst

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I’m Monique and I have 20+ years of experience in the food and retail industry. As a former board level MD and the founder of SavvyCook and SavvyKids I have both corporate and start-up experience. I am passionate about good food as a consumer and also as a food business expert. When my clients seek external advice, it’s usually because they have run out of ideas internally … and that’s what I bring in abundance! My goal is to give clients the practical advice, tools and, perhaps most importantly, the confidence to manage their food business more effectively and more profitably.

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by Monique Borst

What are your food dreams?

To start a catering or food retail business, launch a new restaurant concept … or a retail brand?

You love food, you can cook and bake (maybe you’ve been professionally... Read more




Twitter: @Monique_Borst


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