Two Hungry Girls Supper - Sunday, 22nd July 2012

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Rating: 9.4

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Complimentary Lychee Pimm's Cocktail
Cold Silken Tofu with Century Egg & Black Sesame Sauce
"AranChinese" Balls (Glutinous Rice stuffed with Chicken & Shittake Mushroom)
Five-spiced Szechuan Peppercorn Duck
Cantonese Style Steamed Whole Fish
Slow-Braised Pork Belly
Hunan-style Beef
Green Beans & Tofu in Sha Cha Sauce
Sambal Brinjal
Tofu Cheesecake
Kopi Tart

We reserve the right to surprise and delight you on the day. BYOB and we can also suggest wine or beer pairings.

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The quest for inspired Chinese cooking in London is over.

Rating: 9

sharon attended in July 2012, reviewed on 26 July 2012

Turned up a few minutes late, was greeted with a beautiful, sparkling lychee and elderflower pressé in a Hampstead garden under blue skies. Although lychee Pimm's was the official welcome drink, the courteous hosts took my early Monday meeting into account and swiftly stirred up a driver's version of the cocktail. Cosy seating meant that we got to chat with many of our fellow guests, who were great company. But, being that this was a supperclub, the real star was the food. From the delicate silken tofu to the outstanding braised pork belly, from the incredible chicken and shiitake stuffed rice balls to fiery Sambal aubergines, course after course consistently delivered. My highlight was a first taste of real, home-cooked sea bass with spring onion and ginger - a favourite every time I visit a good Cantonese restaurant, but never have the flavours been so rounded, and with so light a touch, than at Two Hungry Girls' supperclub. And for me, no meal is ever complete without dessert. Starting with mango tofu cheesecake, followed by kopi tart - my first, though hopefully not my last - layers of condensed milk and sweet cream with a liquid espresso heart, all encased in a petite, crisp pastry shell... and the surprise ginger and chocolate mini macaron with subtle jasmine tea to finish, made this one happy diner. I'm a stickler for the smaller details too, which many forget. The long stemmed wineglass decorated with fresh mint leaf made for a delicious looking pale lychee cocktail (and all the other diners getting jealous). Low and warm lighting put everyone at ease, dinky china cups made tea taste even better - and the rice, oh the Chinese rice was perfectly cooked: fat, fluffy, sticky, incredibly moreish. So easy to cook, so hard to cook well. Really, the small things matter. Blissed out, more than satisfied, I rolled home, already thinking about how to replicate some of those dishes myself. *****

Good food and company in Hampstead

Rating: 9

savagegal attended in July 2012, reviewed on 23 July 2012

My first supperclub experience fulfilled expectations and exceeded them. Be warned, the food comes out slowly but then it doesn't stop. Savour each delicious course rather than anticipating the next and you may not get too stuffed. Something quite lovely about knocking on someone's flat door, entering their cozy dining room and then get served incredibly delicious food which reflects the hosts' own multi-cultural backgrounds. Highly recommended.

Un régal !

Rating: 10

Fuoguli attended in April 2012, reviewed on 3 April 2012

Amazing supper ! The desserts were outstanding ! A homely and friendly atmosphere, lovely hostesses and delicate vintage dishes. Hopefully next time I'll come to London there will be a Two Hungry Girls supperclub.

Marklig i alla sätt: Amazing in every Way

Rating: 9

vvillovv attended in April 2012, reviewed on 3 April 2012

It was our first time at a supperclub in London and Two Hungry Girls have set the bar high. We were welcomed with a delicious lychee martinee which helped to get the conversation flowing around our table. Each dish was special in it's own right and had been given such thought. I especially appreciate the little surprises in the taste and composition.

The pace of the dinner was perfect. When it came to the desert, I've never tasted such a combination of flavours. And Horlicks! Who knew!

No one was left hungry. Thank you Two Hungry Girls. We had the most excellent anniversary.


Rating: 10

tsuei attended in April 2012, reviewed on 2 April 2012

Ok, so you might be thinking... right. Asian food. Pft! What's so hard about that? In a city like London, you can get Asian food practically anywhere, and odds are that whichever part of the city you're at you're not far off from a good Asian restaurant either. So when I came to the Two Hungry Girls supperclub, being a grumpy nitpicky Asian eater, I was expecting hearty Asian food of *at least* restaurant-standard, with the added bonus of being in a cosy homely setting.

But boy, was I wrong. It was nowhere near anything I had in mind.

Their braised pork belly was the BEST I've ever tasted in my life (and this is coming from a girl who practically grew up eating braised pork belly at least once a week).

The pork had been painstakingly slo-o-ooow-braised to tender perfection in a specially-tweaked awesome-sauce (which struck me as a clever blend of both Mainland Chinese and Straits Chinese/Southeast Asian flavours) -- it had the caramelliciousness of babi ponteh, the savoury fragrance of soy-based kong bak, and with just the right amount of slightly chewy jellied belly fat lining with every bite.... ahhhh!!! :D :D :D :D

But that's getting ahead of myself, because they had some really brilliant starters, too. And mains. In fact, there wasn't a single dish didn't surprise me with how crafted and well-executed it was. If I wanted to nitpick -- the spicy & numbing fish could have been a bit spicier, but by toning down the chilli oil the full depth of fragrance of the Szechuan peppercorns really came out, and it made it really fun to feel their fizzy, numbing effect on your lips.

Another favourite of mine was the poached chicken in lettuce cups, with a ginger sauce. (I'd have been perfectly happy eating piece after piece for an entire meal. Hehehe.)

As for the desserts... woah. I'm not a dessert connoisseur, but the attention to detail on the desserts was just mindblowing. On paper, a lot of the desserts may sound familiar to Southeast Asian/Chinese diners, but the Two Hungry Girls added very clever contemporary twists... I don't know how they did it, but the flavours were just so well matched and measured. Never expected soy bean to go with melon, or pandan with Horlicks... but they did it, and they did it really, really well, and ne (I'm starting to run out of synonyms for "awesome".)

Food aside, the venue and atmosphere were very comfortable. Hosts were really warm and friendly and made it very easy for a room full of strangers to warm up and talk to each other over the course of the night. The pace at which the food was served was very well-timed as well, made it a bit hard to believe that this was a debut session. (Could have been a coincidence/fluke, but I'll give them the benefit of doubt this time.)

All-in-all.... This definitely has been one of the best food experiences I've had in a long time. Would highly recommend this to anyone. Now that they've started out on such a high note, it's going to be tough work keeping it up, but I'm sure better things will come yet. :)


Rating: 9

Shoba attended in April 2012, reviewed on 2 April 2012

I've been to one other supper club before so I'm a relative novice but I was really impressed last night. Nice chilled out atmosphere with friendly hostesses who went around chatting and explained in detail about all the food that was brought to our table. Cute table decor with the cutest vintage tea cups and plates as well.

The food itself was fantastic. Better value than most of the chinese restaurants I've been too. I loved the poached chicken and lemongrass pork skewers but the braised pork belly was from another world altogether. I think no one at the table spoke for quite a bit when this dish came - we were too busy shovelling it all down. And just when you thought it couldn't get better, out came the desserts. It was one of those nights where you wished you had double your stomach capacity.

It must have been really stressful to get all the dishes out on time and tasting so good but you would never have guessed it from their calm, smiling demeanours.

Definite must-try.

Fantastic food!

Rating: 10

Awon attended in April 2012, reviewed on 2 April 2012

This being my first supperclub I wasn't sure what to expect. With trepidation we took our seats and were quickly charmed by the homely atmosphere and gracious hosts. The evening ticked all the boxes - great company and exceptional food. I couldn't fault any of the dishes served, but I particularly liked the slow braised pork belly (YUM!), and the pandan flavoured ice cream sandwiches with Horlicks were a revelation. Great job Two Hungry Girls. I will definitely be attending another event in the future.

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