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Kong Bak Pau
(Grandma's fat ass melty stewed pork buns)

Teochew Lor Arkh
(Teochew soy braised duck served by the windy road of Pasir Panjang)

Chwee Kueh
(Breakfasts of champions - Preserved turnip cooked in lard on rice cakes just like the one at everyone's favourite market Ghim Moh)

Sambal Eggs
(Eggs boiled and fried in deep dark chilli prawn paste)

Brenda's Family Favourite Laksa
(Fragrant Straits Chinese curry noodle broth. Its possibly even better than the real thing)

Peranakan Chap Chye
(Stir Fried Veg with 6 different ingredients and an 8 hour stock. If Xzibit pimped dishes, this would be the Stir Fry)

Peranakan Beef Rendang
(Ox cheeks, Short Rib, Brisket soaked in a brave spicy unctuous thick rich stew overnight just like your nosy matchmaking Peranakan Aunt made it)


Two reasons:

(1) It's to celebrate Singapore's National Day and WHERE ELSE WILL YOU GET TO CELEBRATE SINGAPORE NATIONAL DAY IN SUCH AWESOME AUTHENTIC SPLENDOUR!?! And therefore we're drawing a feast from all things quinessentially Singapore, drawing from our childhood or our experiences back home. I brought belingjau from home as I used to eat this after I went for swimming classes back home as a kid... Beef Rendang my friend's mum used to feed us, laksa which we gorged on as kids after school, sardine puffs which we used to sneak back to our classrooms from the tuckshop...

Oh yeah, you have to come dressed in BRIGHTEST OF REDS. Thats our national colour and what every kid/ mom/ dad/ granny wears on National Day

(2) Plusixfive will be taking a short hiatus after this to evolve beyond. So quoting the DVD of a late cultural moonwalking music icon, THIS IS IT. But we're not gonna go away till we have force fed each and every one of you crazed adventurous foodies. And we're definitely not going to go away until we can beat it into your tastebuds that Singapore Fried Noodles does not exist in Singapore.


Plusixfive is the pioneering Southeast Asian supperclub in London. Set up to generally dispel myths of Singapore Food - No, we do not eat curry powder flavoured luminous yellow Singapore fried noodles. And also generally challenging the boundaries of what people eat - we've served up traditional Singapore favourites from pig offal (trotters, brains, stomachs) to fish head curries to astonished and converted foodies all round.

So we try our best to serve things which either you cannot find in London (kueh pie tee and lorh ark) or stuff you can find in London but just doesnt really hit the Singapore spot (beef rendang) or something with a bit of a twist (tehtarik ice cream/ cornflakecookies, gula melaka ice cream sago)...!

We've been featured in Business Times Singapore, Silverkris (Singapore Airlines) magazine, TimeOut London ( and several other blogs. See below:

£45 + £3.15 booking fee

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