The Unlikely Collective


Two Spaniards, one Argentinean, and one Malaysian meet in the kitchen of a Michelin-star restaurant.

The food, at least, is not a joke. 

We formed this collective as a venue to create outside of a strict Michelin structure and as a protest against the ridiculous extras that are necessary for a "fine dining experience".

People have met and interacted through, with, and over food for at least as long as humans recognised the wonder of cooking. It is a story without words that we play out as we eat in the company of others-as those before us have done, and, I hope, as those after us will.

Yet this simple act is rendered difficult, to say the least, in the big spiky metropolis that is London. This is not a new phenomenon-restaurants have recognised the lack of interaction and championed communal-style dining for years. 

Food is unique in that we can dictate our approach to it in a million different ways even though it is, in fact, a necessity for survival, like the air we breathe and the water we drink. A simple experiment: Close your eyes, and think of how many kinds of tinned food you have in your larder. Now, tell me, how many ways have you consciously chosen to breathe since this morning?

In my opinion, a "fine dining experience" requires only two "fine" components-The people and the food. This is what we're about. A damn fine dining experience.

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by The Unlikely Collective

This is the fourth Supperclub that we will host. Bowing to pressure, threats,
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