Olly's Turkish


Olly's Turkish 

A young entrepreneur with a passion for food, Olcay Temur, or Olly as he is known to friends, started life trying his luck on the stock market floor, learning to sell, sell, sell and even contemplating a law degree.  Meanwhile, using all his hard earned pounds and every free moment to eat his way through the London food scene. With a family all in the restaurant business, and Turkish heritage originating from Kastamonu in the Black Sea, Olly realised that being a city boy was probably not his life's ambition. And so was born: Olly's Turkish Feast. 

First selling borek, the traditional Turkish filo cigars filled with cheese and spinach, then fried till crispy and golden, he had quite a success managing to sell 1000 borek(s) in just 2 days to family and friends! He quickly moved in to the Pop up scene, and has organised over 7 'feasts' to date. Each one fully booked and highly acclaimed by local journalists with great support from the community.  

I have a great enthusiasm for the Turkish cuisine; my focus is to introduce the variety of traditional Turkish dishes to the community that goes far beyond the well-known greasy kebab.” 

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Email: olcay-temur@hotmail.com

Twitter: @ollysturkish


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