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At the Food Clinic we love to fire up your enthusiasm for eating good food, always well cooked and ofcourse delicious.  I run group cookery classes for adults and children from my kitchen in Muswell hill.  I also run one-one and small group sessions by arrangement.

I am a qualified Public Health Nutritionist so naturally many of my classes are based on healthy eating.

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by The Food Clinic

Steaming is a super healthy way to cook food, retaining more vitamins and
minerals than conventional methods. Flavours are enhanced and meals can be
produced in one pan.

In this steam... Read more

by The Food Clinic

We invite your mini-master chefs to our Muswell Hill kitchen to create these
cute Easter Bunny Cupcakes.

During our two hour class we will bake and decorate these gorgeous creations.
Parents and... Read more




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