Italian Craft Beers Supper Club


What is life about? We grow-up playing, studying, learning how to become adults.

Then what?

We become adults and we look for cuddles, what brings back to us the best memories of when we were kids. What your mum, auntie, grandma used to cook or simply what your best friend's mother used to cook for you after your home-works.

We look for those aromas, flavours, tastes that remind us the best laughters of our life, our head full of dreams.

We look to recreate a cosy place where we can stay with the most important people of our life, with our friends, parents, kids, partners.

This is what a supper is all about: emotions.

This is what the Italian Craft Beers Supper Club is all about. Sharing with you authentic experiences which will accompany you through a journey where delicious craft beers from Italy will be paired with dishes prepared by talented and extravagant chefs: Italian, Indian, Persian, Asian chefs.

Our project, our passions will evolve alongside our journey.

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