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TOAST is a weekend-long celebration of food and ideas which will bring together chefs, restaurateurs, writers, entrepreneurs and producers to discuss and debate the big ideas behind what Londoners eat and drink. Taking place at Red Gallery in Shoreditch on 1 st & 2nd June, the festival will feature large panel discussions, intimate workshops, tastings, book signings, and an after party at Rotary Bar and Diner.

This inaugural event will gather together some of the biggest names in the food world, along with some exciting newcomers, in a unique and intimate space to celebrate London’s flourishing food culture. Confirmed speakers include Fuchsia Dunlop, Anissa Helou, Bompas & Parr, Tom Adams, Nicholas Lander, Henry Dimbleby and many more. There will be engaging talks and panel discussions on a diverse range of subjects from sustainability and restaurateurs to food writing and the future of the cookbook. Alongside the talks and debates will be a number of small hands-on workshops ranging from food photography and coffee tasting to urban foraging walks and a mini KERB workshop with street food
entrepreneur, Petra Barran.

There will be a pop-up cookbook shop run by Daunt Books, a collection of international food magazines and an exhibition of original artwork curated by Material Gallery, a coffee bar
from Dunnefrankowski and food from Street Kitchen.

TOAST is a fundraiser for international humanitarian aid organisation Action Against Hunger, aiming to raise over £3,000 towards their life-saving work around the world
through donations on ticket sales.


* 100% of profits from ticket sales will be donated to Action Against Hunger up to a fundraising total of £3,000. 50% of profits from ticket sales will be donated thereafter.

TOAST has been founded by journalist Miranda York and fundraiser Sarah Chamberlain.

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