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Growing up I had 2 passions: travel & food! I cooked from a very young age, inspired by my parents as they entertained all the time! My travels instilled a love of good food and it was this passion to feed & eat that inspired my entry for Masterchef in 2009; amazingly I reached the quarterfinals! (Druv Baker won that year!) I became obsessed to cook for a living ...

I saved like crazy, gave up the day job, enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu & attained my Cuisine diploma a year of hard work later - I was a chef (on paper at least!) Whilst training, I started asupperclub to practice my craft and The Secret Kitchen was born!! People loved the atmosphere and the food so I've kept it going on an ad-hoc basis but now want to do them more regularly going forward.

The events are casual and friendly - tables are communal [unless I pop up somewhere other than home] and you can expect lots of tasty food with a good atmosphere! I live in a 60's town house in a wood ... my kitchen is tiny (think Rachel Khoo!) we are going to do a litte refurb later this year!

My signature style is rooted in the French classics but with a modern British twist using seasonal ingredients but I also love the flavours of North Africa and the Middle East!

I look forward to seeing you for a night of feasting! x

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Twitter: @MrsJsKitchen


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