Bestowed Kitchen


Bestowed Kitchen is a new food business based in Walthamstow, London, providing handmade food right down to our wholegrain apple mustard. 


Order your lunchbox for the tenth annual E17 Arts Trail on May 31 and June 14 below. 


Our menu usually includes such treats as:

  • Roasted celeriac and apple soup;
  • Ham hock, homemade mustard and gherkin rye bread sandwiches; 
  • Mull of Kintrye cheddar, rocket and homemade pear, apple and walnut chutney sandwiches;
  • Squash, Shropshire blue cheese and sage quiche; 
  • Salads including green lentil salad with cumin, mint and parsley; sweet potatoes with honey and harissa yoghurt.
  • Earl Grey chocolate and hazelnut brownie 
  • Lemon, polenta and rosemary cake


Usually found at new Saturday arts and crafts market - Beulah Road market - in Walthamstow village but have also been serving lunch for hungry office workers in Camden at Brew Bar, and setup stall at the Lloyd Park Spring Fair.


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by Bestowed Kitchen

Lunchbox with a side of art? Bestowed Kitchen will provide exclusive handmade
packed lunches, with ingredients from local suppliers, to take on the E17 Arts
Trail (now in its 10th year).

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Twitter: @bestowedkitchen


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