Launched in 2012, RUMblin' is an exciting event that will immerse you in a taste experience designed to showcase the versatility of rum expressed in cocktails, canapés, ice cream, sorbet and so much more.

Created by Kalinago Entertainment, producers of the Caribbean Film Corner, RUMblin’s purpose is to enhance the average consumer’s perception of rum. RUmblin’ features rums neat, in cocktails or with mixers, in savoury or sweet canapés, ice-creams and sorbets. Each canapé, cocktail, ice-cream and sorbet, is carefully designed to showcase the flavours in the rums used and take “rumblers” on a journey into the dynamic and exciting flavour universe, that is RUM!

In the Caribbean, RUM is not just a drink – it is a part of a cultural and culinary heritage! It is used in the preparation of many sweet and savoury dishes that contribute to making Caribbean cuisine one of the most unique and diverse in the world.

Currently, rum is also the fastest growing product category in the spirits market and is set to continue this growth through new market exposure and innovation. The RUMblin’ concept is designed to showcase rum in all its glory and be part of this innovation!

We are ready to RUMble!
Are you?

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by RUMblin'

Yes rum lovers… the wait is over!

RUMblin' is BACK and this time we head East to the coolest and tastiest spot
on Rivington Street in Shoreditch - Shutterbug Creperie and Cocktail Bar, for
a Kraken... Read more

by RUMblin'

RUMblin' 2014 continues with another **Cocktails and Crepes** experience, at
the coolest and tastiest spot on Rivington Street in Shoreditch - **Shutterbug
Creperie and Cocktail Bar**.

This RUMblin'... Read more

by RUMblin'

**RUM is the spirit of the sea!**

For centuries sailors and seafarers have consumed and paid homage to RUM, that
oh so glorious libation that brings the soul of the Caribbean to you in every
sip.... Read more



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