Phuong's Vietnamese cooking class


Have you ever heard of Pho, Banhmi or Summer rolls?

If that is all what you know, you may know a little about Vietnamese cuisine. I create this group to bring Vietnamese food enthusiasts a whole new world of authentic Vietnamese flavours by giving short cooking classes.

After these classes, you are expected to be able to make a variety of Vietnamese dishes from simple to sophisticated food including summer rolls, chicken salad, beef salad with lime, beef dipped in vinegar, Vietnamese hot pot, etc.

About myself: I am a Vietnamese and I love cooking. I inherit my passion for food from my parents who own a restaurant in middle Vietnam. I have run successfully many classes with different dishes and all are rated as 5-star on

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by Phuong's Vietnamese cooking class

To Vietnamese cuisine, Pho is known globally like Italian pasta. It is a
popular street dish and the specialty of several restaurant chains. Main
ingredients: beef, rice noodle.

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