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With Santo Remedio our aim is to bring simple and uncomplicated Mexican food to London for those who want to try what locals eat in Mexico. 

Fresh food that can be found in Mexico´s market, homes, and celebrations, to share with friends and family. Because in Mexico, whatever the occasion, there will always be an incredible feat on the table. 

Here in London we hope to surprise and inspire people by cooking Mexican food that challenges their pre-conceptions. 

From ceviches, to hearty corn stews to slow cooked meats marinated with citrus fruits and chillies there is a a huge range of combinations and dishes from across the country that you will never be bored of. 

Santo Remedio > Cocina Mexicana, aims to bring a slice of Mexico to London.

Buen provecho! 

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by Santo Remedio > Cocina Mexicana

We will be hosting a Mexican Supper Club on Friday 10th May 2013 at Coffee is my Cup of Tea, a vibrant cafe situated under the arches of London Fields train station.

The evening will begin with a... Read more

by Santo Remedio > Cocina Mexicana

**Santo Remedio Pops Up in Tooting Market to celebrate Mexican Independence Day!**

Come and celebrate Mexican Independence Day as the Mexicans would in an indoor
covered market with traditional... Read more

by Santo Remedio > Cocina Mexicana

**Santo Remedio Pops Up in Tooting Market to celebrate Mexican Independence Day!**

Come and celebrate **Mexican Independence Day** as the Mexicans would in an
indoor covered market with... Read more

by Santo Remedio > Cocina Mexicana

**_The Comedor_** or dining room is the centre of the Mexican home. Where everyone gathers round each afternoon to eat together. Everything stops for this focal point of the day. Then the dishes that... Read more




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Discover la gastronomia Mexicano!

Rating: 9

enriqueldem attended "El Comedor" Mexican Supper Club by Santo Remedio > Cocina Mexicana in October 2013, reviewed on 19 October 2013

Being North Americans - we knew that Mexican food is one the haute cuisines - Santo Remedio lived up that richness under the guise of "street food" The Chef (Edson) - coaxes the best of mexican traditional ingredients - he understands the subtleties while taming them (the peppers/limes) of their natural inclination to overpower. Natalie ,his wife and hostess - greeted us with cheeky cocktails which confirmed we were in hip Shoreditch - she is a journalist (so a natural raconteur) - the setting with her tales was like walking into Vanityfair -pretty with punchy stories.

Edson is a skilled artist with solid range - his food is cerebral while maintaining the carnal - the menu could have been a great album with six stand alone tracks.

The Esquite -( what is spanish for amuse bouche) - one last celebration of summer. Big and moist these Jumbo Kernels exploded with the flavours of the evening. The freshness of the corn cleansed the palate while the chipotle mayo, lime and pepper hinted at was to come.

The ceviche -- this was delicate fish and Edson never let the peppers or lime eclipse it- the cherry tomatoes balance the dish with a sweetness. I would take a day trip to the coast just to find their shack and while away the afternoon talking food, sipping Natalie's potions and just eating this dish!

The next course - these two wonderful salsas (quite frankly - I would stock my fridge with these and serve them to accompany any dish) were brilliant with the duck - AGAIN Edson gets inside his ingredients and pulls each course together.

Chile Relleno are a classic - these had the potential to be kind for which abuela's might reminisce ... "you should have tried Tio Edson's" the Ancho chilis made this dish (poblanos would do not have had enough body to pull off a main dish). Too often over stewed meat masquerades as barbacoa - Edson's captured why this is is one of my favorite ways to prepare lamb or beef. Affected forlorn glances (and the fortuitous last minute cancellation) got us seconds - upon reflection -oft supper clubs are in someone's home - this abundance of hospitality should be the norm (we definitely felt - sou casa was nuestra casa!)

Too often quantity is confused with a successful meal - this finale balanced out the meal. It reprised the magic of chocolate - this was a frozen elixir of coaco with orange and chili and the crunch of shortbread to pull it together (Edson is working with wild ingredients - peppers can have a mind of their own yet the butteriness of the biscuit assuaged them).

Under the influence of tequila (not the frat poison of our youth but a vintage challenger to cognac) we mapped out the next Mexican food adventure for Captain Edson to lead us. We all piled into a taxi and generously they hosted us at one of those hip new private clubs (the over the top taxidermy harkened to magical realism of mexican art).

Great food, great location - painful service

Rating: 7 attended Santo Remedio Pops Up in Tooting Market for Mexican Independence Day - Dinner in September 2013, reviewed on 16 September 2013

The cooking and the atmosphere for this event was everything I could have hoped for - the meals were imaginative and full of flavour - the pozole in particular was mind-blowingly good. Also, located in Tooting market gave the even a real local food feel. The only problem was the slow, slow service. An hour and a half after seating all we had eaten was one tostadita, and after three hours we finally had a main. The atmosphere was jolly, which helped to keep things moving - and the staff were lovely and friendly. But at some point, you start getting hungry - and I think we were left waiting 20 minutes too long between courses. It's a real shame, because it spoiled the memory of what was some wonderful food.

Santo Remedio > Cocina Mexicana responded on 16 September 2013:

Hi James, thank you so much for reviewing the pop up. We are so pleased you enjoyed the atmosphere and the food, it is what Santo Remedio are all about!
Unfortunately slow service is not what we are about and sadly we were let down by our fryers and ended up having to cook our fresh dishes for 80 people on only two gas hobs. We do apologise for this and for that experience you had. We hope to see you at one of our supperclubs for a more intimate experience.

Happy Mexican Independence Day!