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Food blogger Luiz Hara hosts a monthly curated potluck dinner party at his Islington home. He picks a book or cuisine, and an expert in that area to curate recipes. Attendees pick a dish from the list to prepare and bring to the party (with chosen expert on hand to help if needed). Everyone then arrives to eat, greet and meet.

There is no fee to attend. Just bring the dish you agreed to make, and some drinks as you like.

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by London Cooking Club

Recipes from the fantastic cookbook by Greg and Lucy Malouf "Saha - A Chef's Journey Through Lebanon and Syria".

The event will be held at a secret location in Greenwich. Each person will cook one... Read more

by London Cooking Club

It is double-trouble at the London Cooking Club as I join forces with the delightful London Foodie (@londonfoodie - Canadian Journalist and Foodie Extraordinaire) for an evening of Canadian food and... Read more

by London Cooking Club

Co-hosted by Joshua of Cooking the Books, a connoisseur and accomplished cook of Oriental cuisines, we will be cooking recipes from our food hero, the magnificent Fuchsia Dunlop. Read more

by London Cooking Club

Hosted by Maunika Gowardhan of Cook in a Curry and The London Foodie for Tilda Rice.

Attendance is free, but by invitation only.... Read more

by London Cooking Club

Hosted by foodie extraordinaire Stella Newman and Ira Dubinsky who will be devising and introducing us to a fantastic Jewish menu and recipes for London Cooking Club members.

Jewish novelist Stella... Read more

by London Cooking Club

Hosted by Gina (@Gigi_nav) and Italian food blogger Fede Rilli of Pasta Bites (, Italophiles and resident experts on... Read more

by London Cooking Club

Hosted by Tina P who is devising a magnificent Filipino menu to show us what her native cuisine is all about.

Tina grew up in the Philippines but has since then lived in the US, Singapore, France,... Read more




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