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Rating: 9.8

hosted by Table for 10

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Be one of 16 foodies to enjoy an evening of great home cooked Vietnamese food both traditional and family recipes my mum taught me as I was growing up, and modern styles I've learnt along the way.

My friends and I pride ourselves in not only making delicious foods but also introducing you to the Vietnamese culture around food and eating...

On arrival, you're greeted with a complimentary cocktail and nibblies, this is followed by 5 courses of Vietnamese food. We'll try to walk you through the background of the dishes and how you should eat it. Ever wondered what you do with all those leaves restaurants hand you with your pho? Wonder no more at Table for 10 :)

Unfortunately due to the size of our kitchen, we are unable to cater for vegans, vegetarians, or people with severe food allergies.  We can substitute some dishes for non-pork or non-beef eater.  Please email with any dietary requirements or questions before booking.

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Oh so delicious!

Rating: 10

SueH attended in May 2014, reviewed on 31 May 2014

A very friendly welcome, Killer Cocktails to start followed by the tastiest of food - different flavours and textures, attentive hosting throughout the evening all made by first supper club a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. Thank you Damon & MJ!

Dinner with friends

Rating: 10

YKW attended in April 2014, reviewed on 31 May 2014

Why do i keep coming back to Table for 10 dinners?
Is it because Damon and MJ genuinely pour their hearts into the evenings and love what they do? Yes.
Is it because of the intimate setting and the feeling you're out with friends having a wonderful relaxed time? Yes.
Is it because the food is delicious, inventive, healthy and soulful and there are always little treats and surprises to delight you? Yes.

Yes yes yes.


Rating: 10

Liv@LoveFresh attended in November 2013, reviewed on 24 November 2013

My first supperclub and I was not disappointed. Damon and MJ are both very genuine and charming - the perfect hosts. We were immediately impressed with the quality of the cocktails and the food that followed. Smoked trout on the beetle leaf was a real highlight - talk about explosion of flavours! We stayed late, mainly because the company was so great (a mixture of newbies and fans of Damon and MJ). Well done guys! A memorable experience. Looking forward to more!

Simply superb

Rating: 10

YKW attended in May 2013, reviewed on 29 May 2013

What a delightful evening at Damon and MJ's Table for 10! Their flat quickly filled with repeat visitors, converts of their warm and generous events.
On arrival, we were offered one of the most inventive cocktails i've had - a vodka sorbet, over which homemade limoncello squash was poured. Refreshing, light and creamy, with a hint of mint, and not at all innocent! The pre-dinner nibbles caught us by surprise - thought and care had gone into simply amusing our bouches. A chilli jam which Damon had 'knocked up' to go with crackers, cheese, and palate-animating vietnamese garlic and chilli salami pieces, was so complex, deep in flavour and gratifying that guests have taken to monopolising it by crouching in corners, bowl tightly clasped in one hand and dipping appendage in the other. Growls were emitted, claws were drawn.
Not really. Because now the starters were arriving. Apologies were made for a change in the menu - a last minute sourcing disaster meant a dish was substituted for "only" a sour veg and roast chicken salad. Needless to say, no complaints were heard, only the sound of lips smacking. Next we had some fantastically fresh prawn summer rolls, followed by beautifully crisp pork and crab spring rolls. I’ve never had spring rolls as good as these. We were instructed to use the accompanying lettuce leaves to wrap them up in, together with herbs, cucumber and, for the heat-enthusiasts, a little fresh chilli, then dip into the fish sauce and - heaven!
The main was a bowl of chicken pho. Massively aromatic, satisfying and extremely filling, this felt like a bowl of wellbeing, constructed with love. We've taken to drinking the fragrant liquid by lifting the bowl to our faces and, Tampopo style, emerge from behind it all steam-covered and glazy eyed.
But it was the dessert which really wowed me, and not because of the delicious, creamy, coconutty goodness most of us received in the shape of panna cotta and berries - no. It was the creative, appetising dish served to those of us who avoid dairy - a plateful of sliced exotic fruit and two types of delicious sorbet - coconut and fennel, and herby green tea. These were so distinct, so unique and refreshing, that we, the panna cotta crowd, swooped vulture-like at any partly-emptied plate to savour the flavours.
It's when a host of a supperclub manages to 'knock up' an off the cuff knock-out chilli jam, conjure a last minute substitute dish out of thin air when plans go awry, and provide an even more appetising alternative for the stricter diets, that i believe sets apart the good cook and the true artist.

wonderful experience

Rating: 10

wenyusteahouse attended in February 2013, reviewed on 4 February 2013

I had such lovely evening with great host, food, drink and company. Damen and MJ created a very welcoming and relaxing place for us. I really enjoyed the delicious food and appreciated the layout of food display.

Magical evening. Amazing food, the best hosts and great company.

Rating: 10

WendyMH attended in October 2012, reviewed on 14 October 2012

MJ and Damon were expert in combining a gorgeous warmth with meticulous professionality in the timing and serving of our 5-course dinner.

It was clear that much thought and love went into the planning and preparation of the food. Each course was described and presented beautifully. The food was perfectly spiced and cooked. The flavours were very clear. My favourite was the Bo Tai (steak tartare) which had originally made me a bit nervous. SOOO good.

It was our first Edible Experience and my only worry is that it has spoiled us for future events, as MJ and Damon truly engineered such a lovely evening.


Rating: 10

OzToLondon attended in August 2012, reviewed on 30 September 2012

We had such a fantastic time at Table for 10 and completely echo Roli's review as we were there on the same evening and since then we've come back again - twice!

The boys @ Table for 10 are so welcoming and the atmosphere could not have been more fun on the nights we've been. We've been to a few sup'clubs but there is something that sets these guys apart from the others. The food is the best and most inventive Vietnamese dishes we've had anywhere in London. And the cocktails are amazing and deceptively strong. The boys themselves have a generous and open spirit which flows through out the night. We were given seconds (and thirds) for some our favourite dishes and the evening just flowed from one great dish to the next. It really does feel like you are at a friend's dinner party (albeit a fancy one with great plates and funky glasses) rather than anything else.

The smoked trout on betel leaf is a stand out - the taste of that chilli jam coursing through smoked trout with salmon roe and then the betel leaf cutting through the flavours with it's freshness - O.M.G.. Their is their duck ramen was a revelation also - I'm not usually a fan of soupy dishes but this dish just took all my tastebuds up and gave them a good cuddle, it was so delicious and satisfying.

We also went to their charity supper club event in August and was very glad we did as we got to see a different side to their cooking - usually flamboyant and decadent - we were instead treated to a sharing menu of 'simple' home cooked dishes. The starter was a DIY baked sea bass summer rolls where the guys deftly showed us how to roll our rolls. Sadly my rolls looked nothing like what Damon showed us but it was still delicious. The sharing mains was a chicken & banana blossom salad (so fresh and yummy), grilled spice chicken (or ga nuong which was just cooked to perfection - crispy with a hit of charred skin while still moist on the inside - beautiful), and my favourite thit heo kho (braised 5 spice pork with fried eggs - which was had a perfect balance of salty and sweet and tasted so decadent. I had 3 helpings of rice because I kept on eating the pork).

We can't rave about the boys enough - they're generous with both their time and passion and we hope they fulfill their dreams soon and open something soon.

The first and definitely not the last!

Rating: 8

Dillo21 attended in September 2012, reviewed on 26 September 2012

My first supper club experience with a Table for 10 was absolutely wonderful. Damon and MJ have certainly set a high standard for my future dinner experiences! Damon, the very talented chef was kept busy in the kitchen spoiling us with a jaw dropping and tasting menu whilst MJ greeted guests and made everyone feel at home. The food was divine and well worth the GBP30. I thoroughly recommend trying table for ten, you won't be disappointed!! :-))

Table for 10, go again and again!

Rating: 10

roli attended in June 2012, reviewed on 25 June 2012

I attended the Table for 10 supperclub on 23rd June. I couldn't have asked for a better experience - I have been to several different supperclubs now and whilst each is individually unique and generally all are great fun, there was something about this one that set it apart from the rest for me. Not only was the food incredibly fresh, delicious, filling and real Vietnamese "home cooking", the whole evening felt like a dinner party at a friend's house, rather than a supper in a stranger's home. Damon and MJ are incredibly hospitable and gracious hosts, with a very generous spirit, and make the evening hum along to a cosy and welcoming vibe, that will almost make you forget that you need to go home afterwards!

From the moment you arrive at the trendy Whitechapel flat, you are greeted with happy smiles, funky wall art (Audrey Hepburn and Michael Jackson silhouette prints anyone?) and a rather generous serving of a sweet, delicious, deceptively-strong home made cocktail (from a recipe concocted by boys themselves). From the fully matched and modern crockery, elegant cocktail glasses and chill out tunes wafting out of the ipod dock, you realise this is not your typical supperclub - the amount of effort made makes it feel like a real dinner party one would try to host yourself. MJ plays a very friendly and jovial host-with-the-most whilst Damon cooks up a storm in the kitchen, occasionally peeking out from behind the kitchen curtains to sneak everyone a smile and a wink.

With such a welcoming ambience and un-knowingly heady cocktails, the conversation between attendees flows easily, and everyone settles in for a cosy night as Damon and MJ present plate upon plate of beautifully executed, delicious home cooking. Notice the slate platters, and individual (and generous) servings of hoisin sauce and spiced mayonnaise (brought out for one course each only!)? Yes, that is what helps set this supperclub apart from many others - the boys know how to treat their guests and they treat them generously. And Damon's cooking talent really shows its flair here - dishes are cooked and presented really rather beautifully, and Damon makes a real effort to create the real flavours he grew up with. Add on top of that his deft hand at pulling together some delicious dessert concoctions ontop of his cocktail and food creations (home made ice cream!), and you have quite a spread before you made by quite a budding chef, and one can only imagine the preparation and planning that it required.

And the best part? All Damon and MJ really want to do is to finish the food service, so they can sit down with you to share a drink! A great ending to a great night.

Make sure you book yourself in. Bring friends. Bring wine. And enjoy. :)

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