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Who are we?


We are the newly launched ‘alternative’ chef school for the creative and curious about food. Find us online at


What do we do?


We get ‘under the skin’ of food:


This is about a new way to learn about food. Every month we will introduce a new cuisine and delve into the culture and history around the food; how to make the core specialities that really represent that cuisine; we’ll talk to food specialists and restaurant owners about their take on that cuisine; we’ll review existing courses and recipe books, and where possible we’ll travel to that area and understand more on the ground.


For those who want a more ‘hands on’ experience, we will be running workshops to learn about the key facets of that cuisine, whether it’s an evening learning about all of the complexities of making pasta in Italian month; or the relationship between lardo and vodka in Russian cuisine. Classes will be hands on and fun, but most importantly they will be granular in their approach – this is for an audience who want to go home feeling they have learnt something, not just had a fun evening out (although fun will be had!)


We provide a voice for the unsung heroes of food:


This isn’t a proposition about celebrity chefs. We believe that there are experts in every field at the local level, and that learning from them and their relationship with food is an untapped opportunity. We’ll be bringing on board local chefs, owners of specialist food outlets, and market stall holders from one of London’s many fabulous food markets.


We want to give something back to the food community:


We will be giving a voice to people doing great things in food through our editorial coverage. We will partner with relevant services in food that are doing great things, but just need more awareness.



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