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At Club Tropicana the drinks might be free, but at Club Naija it's all about the food.

I created Club Naija to bring Nigerian food to the masses. I cook what my mother made me – simple, honest food such as jollof rice, corned beef stew and bread, pounded yam and vegetable stew – but twist and modernise them, transforming that jollof rice into crispy grilled onigiri, corned beef stew into a Yoruba take on a katsu sando, and that pounded yam into crispy dumplings with broth. Serving small plates allows those who have never experienced the joys of Nigerian food to taste the breadth of variety we have.  

Club Naija traces my Nigerian routes, and as a host, I educate my guests, telling them the history behind each dish and guiding them through the dining experience.

Feel the colours, warmth and spice of the Yoruba tribe through a communal feast of tasting plates to the sound of afrobeats, naija pop and African rhythms for refreshing, lively, feel-good African vibes that'll take you from London to Lagos in one bite!

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by Club Naija


At Club Tropicana the drinks might be free, but at Club Naija it's all about
the food!
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Lovely experience

Rating: 9

cpr attended Club Naija in June 2018, reviewed on 17 June 2018

Great food - I would single out the gnocchi in particular - served in an intimate setting. Lola was a great host - full of energy and enthusiasm. A very enjoyable evening.

Fantastic evening

Rating: 10

christine4045 attended Club Naija in September 2016, reviewed on 29 November 2016

Absolutely fantastic evening at Club Lola. Such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, decorated beautifully. The menu was unusual and delicious - especially the chilli soda bread. Really enjoyed the entire evening, Lola was a relaxed and fab hostess!

Good food with Great people

Rating: 8 attended Club Naija in September 2016, reviewed on 22 September 2016

Really nice atmosphere , we all gathered for drinks in the garden before hand and then went into the lovely decorated dining room. Care was taken on the presentation and combination of Flavours. And we sat next to some really lovely people. Over all a great evening

Club Lola

Rating: 10

PCCM attended Club Lola @ 68 and Boston with #MyLondonSupperClubs in September 2016, reviewed on 5 September 2016

Lola's food was amazing - and that's what we're all in supperclubs for, surely?

The food is the work of someone who clearly has a passion for innovative and experimental dishes, unafraid to go out on a limb. Lola's dishes take a trip around the Mediterranean, and there are some distinctly Levantine and North African influences on the flavours she produces, but I get the impression that, in culinary terms, Italy is home.

The atmosphere in Club Lola was great - a few people in small groups who ended up unafraid to talk to one another - mainly to discuss the wonderful things done to aubergines for our antipasti.

Lola is a friendly and enthusiastic host, who, despite being very busy on your behalf in the kitchen, creates an informal, friendly, chatty and ebullient atmosphere.

Yummy yum!

Rating: 10

sjch20 attended Club Naija in February 2016, reviewed on 26 July 2016

This was a fabulous experience, even several months later I remember the great setting, the warm company and the fantastic food. Lola puts on a spectacular feast and her exceedingly warm personality puts you at ease in her lovely home. We ate delicious food that had been thought through carefully, wonderful flavours that really complement each other. I had not been to one of these events before but thoroughly enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone. Great to go as an individual, couple of a larger group. Meet good people, eat very well and go home with a huge smile. Thank you Lola!


Rating: 10

rhiannonsteptoe attended Club Naija in June 2016, reviewed on 16 June 2016

Last night was incredible, ( a slightly different supper club I had booked the whole place) Lola you are AMAZING! Your place was stunning, everything was perfect. I was blown away by the delicious polenta starter and the bread! I would love that recipe!! We all loved the whole experience. I wish I wasn't leaving London so I could come try out the new menu! 10/10

Wonderful food and great host!

Rating: 10

Heather Taylor attended Club Naija in March 2016, reviewed on 19 March 2016

A great supper club. Food was delicious, interesting but unpretentious. Lola was a great host, relaxed, fun and moved around the table chatting to everyone who had come. A great experience!


Rating: 10

Lynchy attended Club Naija in March 2016, reviewed on 17 March 2016

What a fantastic first foray into the world of supper clubs! Lola was a brilliant host, the ambience was relaxed and friendly and the food was fabulous! I met some lovely people and enjoyed a wonderful evening. I had no idea what to expect but Lola ensured that I was made very welcome and her food certainly exceeded my expectations. The bread was divine and plentiful and every course was very tasty and well presented. My personal favourite was the Rhubarb Tiramissu 😋😋 I will certainly be going back and trying other supper clubs - the bar has been set very high! Thanks Lola!

Delightful little supper club

Rating: 10

ovalfoodie attended Club Naija in March 2016, reviewed on 17 March 2016

Attended Club Lola last night and couldn't have been happier with the experience. Lola is a super friendly host, with a beautiful Brixton flat.

The food was fresh and plentiful and the bread was to die for!

Really enjoyed the BYOB option, as kept the price down and allowed us to match our wine to the food in advance.

Looking forward to going back for the next menu!

Thanks Lola!

Fun, friendly, delicious night.

Rating: 10

littlemisssun110 attended Club Naija in February 2016, reviewed on 11 March 2016

I went to this supper club with a group of five friends and we had a fantastic time. Lola was welcoming and the apartment charming. The food was all delicious but the lemon preserve soda bread and the tiramisu were my personal highlights. Although unfortunately I had stuffed myself too full with the previous three courses to finish the huge portion! Lola was extremely accommodating of a couple of dietary requirements requested by the group. Overall, the food was great quality and great value. An excellent first supper club experience! Thanks Lola!