Inspired by the simplicity and purity of 精進料理 (shōjin ryōri) we aim to showcase and celebrate seasonal produce and offer organic Japanese food based on Buddhist Zen principles.  Shojin ryori is believed to be the root of Japanese food as we know it today, developing in the Zen temples of Japan in the 6th century.   We have received training both in the UK and in Zen temples across Japan, learning this age-old method of cooking, and are now eager to showcase what we have learnt through our supperclubs.   

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by Pureism

Come and celebrate the summer with Pureism. After 4 months training across
Zen temples in Japan, and holding various events in Tokyo, London and Paris,
Pureism are back for their next London... Read more


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Email: pureismsupperclub@gmail.com


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