Búntà Vietnamese BBQ


Búntà is a unique Vietnamese street food experience that brings the traditional and delicious Saigonese road-side food ‘BÚN THIT NUONG’ to the streets and dinner tables of London.


Búntà, brought to you by the passionate cook Luisa Orlando-Nguyen, is a celebration of her love for Saigon, where she lived for four years.

The experience fulfilled all her expectations and drew her deep into the Mekong Delta. She fell deeply in love with the country, the rich culture, the uninhibited warmth of the people, and of course the food, the healthy and diverse cuisine of Vietnam, the complex blend of textures and flavours, the wonders of its spicing and the myriad fresh herbs that can impart very distinctive tastes even to an ordinary dish.

Búntà is a homage to the people she met, the stories she heard, and of course the food that is Vietnam. She meticulously documented original recipes which her relatives’ in-laws have been following for many years and still cook today. They own a very popular shop-house that sells the best ‘bún thit nuong’ you can find on the sunny streets of Saigon.
Búntà has been manning the charcoal Barbecue since March 2013 at Feast, Jamie's Oliver FRD, Red Market, Camden Brewery.

Following on from the success of Búntà, they're launching a new Spring pop-up event: SÁNG - an all-day BBQ Brunch starting May.


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by Búntà Vietnamese BBQ

An all-day Vietnamese-style, garden BBQ brunch.

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