HOTPOT Cookery School


HOTPOT Cookery School is the brain-child of Angie Jordan who set up the school in April 2010.  Whatever your experience - whether you are new to cooking or an advanced home cook, at this warm and inviting cookery school you'll learn new skills and techniques to take home and cook with confidence.

Angie has always loved to entertain her family and friends and her philosophy for HOTPOT is based on the belief that there is nothing in life so simple and satisfying as seeing and group of friends or family happily tucking into delicious food around a table.  Good food is the source of good life, of sharing and friendship.

Angie encourages the use of local, seasonal and free-range produce - even using her own "home grown" eggs in her recipes. With a variety classes available for all ages, come along and experience the delights that HOTPOT Cookery School has to offer.

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Twitter: @Hotpotcook


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