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hosted by Lucky tuna

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Your organic srilankan meal start with a glass of “ALIYA” cocktail on arrival. 

“ALIYA” is the Elephant how locals call it, the cocktail is the blend of Ceylon Arrack and famous refreshing local drink of Locals, the elephant ginger beer

WHAT THE F*@! IS ARRACK? Ceylon Arrack is produced from “toddy” fermented juice from the coconut palm, extracted by cutting the flowers from the tree and hanging a clay pot below the cut to gather the free flowing yeast is added in fact the sap has to be gathered in the mornings, so that the heat of the day sparks the air bone yeast in to action. This turn the sap from slightly sweet milky water to toddy, “PALM WINE” in matter of hours.

grab your drink and pick your bites 

Srilankan love snacks or “short eats” as they are known by locals. a little nibbles, short eats are savoury items such as buns, patties, pastries,cutlets,vadai,and more exotic snacks like stuffed, deep fried capsicums. Short eats can be eaten anytime of the day, when you are feeling a little hungry and pop in to a local café for a tea or of course when drinking alcohol.

So expect some little succulent fish cutlets and spicy chick peas tossed with little flakes of coconuts and red chillies.

The main 

Here comes the main, Rice and Curry. If you ever tried Indian version of curries, this will change your whole opinion what srilankan call rice and curry. 
The main meal is a combination of some of srilankan meat and veg dishes, chicken and prawn for the meat and sea food lovers. cooked bananas, brinjal moju (eggplant dish) accompanied by some srilankan greens “gotukola” sambol (raw leafy greens tossed with shallot of limes and fresh grated coconuts) to cool off the spicy dishes. so if you are just a vegetarian there is still some vege dishes to go with plain rice.

Still not finished guys, if we are lucky for the day I will get you some Buffalo milk(found about a UK organic farmer doing some Buffalo Yogurts) and palm treacle. 

It will be really difficult to get the real srilankan curd , but I found this amazing laver stoke park farm who is producing all this organic produce in uk . I love this guys 

 The Asian water Buffalo milk has higher nutrition value of protein, fat, lactose,minerals and vitamins. They eat this as a desert after meal and of course for the breakfast too. (In Srilanka the buffalo curd is sold in clay pots.

this is a sunday lunch to warm you up with spicy tropical menu .


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